I am done!!!

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Today was my last treatment for ovarian cancer and I am just elated. After 4 surgeries, 2 infections, 2 "delays" because of poor blood work, a blood transfusion, bone pain from Neulasta, 6 rounds of treatment and a multitude of other "side effects" - I can officially say that I am in remission. YIPPEE! My CA 125 went from 1632 in July to 6.9 this week.

I realize there is a high level of recurrence with OVCA so my goal right now is to make it through June without hearing that word.

I will also be back to work next week after almost 6 months off and I am excited and scared at the same time. I have been blessed with amazing co-workers, many who donated their hard earned vacation and sick leave to me so that I could battle this thing without worrying about my job. Not many people can say that.

Thank you to each and every one of you that has cheered me on these past few months. As I said before I talk about you guys all the time - my friends are always interested to hear how you are all doing.

Take good care and happy new year to all of you.



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    Kris, Congratulations! It is great to hear when people go into remission that is what this web site is all about and it really does lift you up when you hear when someone like yourself has a win. We are all striving for the same wonderful outcome that you have achieved and my New Year wish for you is that you will remain free from this disease. Irene
  • groundeffect
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    Sounds like you've fought it back with a lot of help! Don't overdo it at work, stay away from sick people, and have a great new year!
  • Debbie2007
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    Oh my what a testimony, what a fighter you are. Congradulations Kris I feel so happy for you. Yay!!
    hugs and more hugs
  • mopar
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    Yipeeee, Kris!!! What a way to end the year and start a new one! God bless you!
  • floridajo
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    Hey..what great news for you I think I shall dance a jig!!!!What a strong lady you are, you deserve to be in remission..Have a happy and healthy New Year...(((hugz)))..Joanne
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    Kris, what a way to kick off the New Year! I ditto groundeffect's comments. God Bless

    Prayers N Hugs Bonnie
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    YIPPEEEEEEE!! What a battle you have won. We all celebrate with you. Thanks for the good news share... Saundra