hard knot on stomach

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hey you guys havent been here in a while..but something kinda got me nervous.. I am feeling a hard marble shaped knot on my stomach about four inches down from my breast.. when I am constipated it gets harder and its sore now..I know I am going to the doc..but have any of you had this? I am praying its just a syst or something..I had stage 2 rectal cancer in 04 and have had good test ..last blood and pet scan was six mos ago.. sighsss just the nervous nellie in me i guess..thanks for any info or experience you all might have had with this..peace..ramona


  • catherine58
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    I am not medically trained but I wonder if it could be a hernia? My friend had one and the symptoms sound quite similar.

  • vinny3
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    Is it always hard or just when you are constipated? Which side is it on, the left or right. It could be a small hernia as the bowel will press into that and you could feel some stool there. It could be a cyst as well. Unfortunately you won't know until you get it checked. There are many benign things that can cause that. Think positively about it. ****