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I'm a little confuse on my CEA level. I just had my 3 month post check up and my CEA was 2.4. I thought that was normal but after reading other posts it leaves me to wonder if that is high. My Surgeon say it was great and we just don't want it to go up. My onc doesn't say much just says I'm doing great. Am I over reacting or is that something I should look into. Thanks for any advice.



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    I was interested in your post as I have some concerns also. Sometimes I find myself looking for "things" I don't need to look for.

    My CEA was 2.5 after my surgery. It was done again (not sure of the date) but it was during my treatment, 5.3. Had it done again at my 2-month post treatment, it was 4.something. I went to see my surgeon a week ago for a follow up to my port removal (Yeah) and he said my CEA's were fine. He said he had seen them in the hundreds and that's when you worry. My onc has never discussed the CEA results with me, he doesn't do that unless something is a concern. It's too bad that we get too concerned needlessly.

    I think your CEA is good, we're going to be fine!

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    It's not high. You're doing fine.

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    Hi Michelle,
    I have read about so many wildly varying CEA levels that I don't even bother to ask my onc about it any more. I figure that he will tell me if there is a problem. It takes all my energy to think that every other pain and twinge is something to worry about:) I think we freak ourselves out over a lot of things we don't need to. Normal, I think, considering our histories.