One month being cancer free!!! =]

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today on christmas eve is exactly one month of being cancer free!!!! =] im so extremely excited. I hope all of you will be saying the same. My heart goes out to all of you woman that are still struggling with this thing called cancer. im always here for advice and cheering up! =D Merry christmas and if you dont celebrate christmas happy holidays!!! Love you all.


  • curlee8661
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    Congratulations Jenna! I hope that's the first of many milestones for you. I also hope that in time the fear of the cancer coming back will be so far removed from your mind that perhaps you'll even forget to celebrate the date. In the mean time, enjoy every moment!

    Love, and hugs
  • mopar
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    My congrats to you also, Jenna! That is definitely something to celebrate! It will make your Christmas extra special. And may this new year of 2008 hold all the joy, peace and health you hope for!
    Luv, (((HUGS))) and Prayers!
  • jamilou
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    YEAH!!!!!! Congratulations Jennarose! You should celebrate every milestone. I am so excited for you. Good luck and Merry Christmas!
  • dorion
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    How wonderful Jenn....I'm so frightened cos I go in tomorrow the day after christmas, what a great present, but maybe it's the gift that will save my life. I am terrified naturally more afraid of what they will tell me when I'm out of surgery or if I'm going to have half my stomach sitting on my belly......oh boy......I pray that I'm as blessed as you and your posting has given me some hope. God bless you and continue to keep that evil thing away. Linda