I hope you all have a happy, and merry christmas!!!

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Hey Everyone!

I would like to start off by saying thankyou for all of your help and support!! I really appreciate it!

Secondly Im wishing everyone a happy merry chrimstas. I hope everyone can put aside there worries for a little bit and enjoy being with your loved ones!!! Your all always in my thoughts and prayers *<3



  • lizper
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    And a very Merry Xmas to you too!! Many prayers that the New Years brings better times. Liz
  • floridajo
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    Jenna Rose and all the ladies:::

    I pray for a wonderful holiday for you all and a healthy and pain free New Year as well.
    I love this time of the year,I'm filled with joy and love...I pray that this is the year for a cure.(((((hugz)))) to all...Joanne
  • mopar
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    Thank you, JennaRose! And to you and everyone here, my heartfelt wishes for a very Merry Christmas, and a blessed, joyous, healthy New Year, filled with Hope and Promise!
    Luv & Hugs,
  • curlee8661
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    Happy holidays to you Jenna, and to all the other gals here as well! May the new year bring us all what we wish for!

    Love to all,
  • kris43
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    Merry Christmas to you Jenna and all of the other ladies on the board. You guys have been a godsend - I don't know what I would have done without having you to seek out answers from and just reading how you all tackle this thing called cancer.

    My best to you all for a great holiday and as someone on the other board said - let's pray this is the year for the cure!

    Hugs to you all.