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I am a new member of the semi-colon club and look forward to sharing thoughts and ideas with other members.

My story is a little different, though, as the day after my surgery (in late October), when I was sitting in a chair in recovery, I had a heart attack and came pretty close to dying(by the way, I am a "young" and "healthy" 47 years old). I had a "remarkable" recovery from the heart attack (after having a stent put in and now being on a daily regimen of approx 8 different pills), and
am now actively battling the cancer (and back at work, too).

My cancer is Stage 2A (though it did penetrate the wall, but did not attach to any lymph nodes). As I feel as if I have been given a second lease on life due to the heart attack, I have decided to make the most of it and do chemo. This past Monday, I began my Xeloda treatments. I do not know what side effects I will get, but whatever they are, I think I am mentally prepared for them. I have made the decision that even if my chance of recurrence only improves from 80% to 83%, I would rather be in the 3% improvement club. Even if I am not, I will know that I tried everything.

I am very interested in hearing back from others who are battling cancer the way I am.


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    Welcome! Sorry for what brought you here, but you have found a really great place to learn, get support and share ideas.

    You have a lot going for you. Luckily you are recovering from this heart attack and are taking care of that problem before it was too late. I hope your cancer treatments are going well. It sounds like you have a great attitude and are willing to do everything you can to keep this beast from returning.

    My husband is recovering from stage III cancer and is free from disease and doing quite well. It is encouraging to hear from other survivors on this site that are doing great.

    Good luck with your treatments! Happy Holidays!

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    Hi,and welcome to this great site,I am too from Miami dx. july 06,with stage 3a one limph node positive,out of chemo for 11 months,NED right now, which means "No Evidence of Disease" I didn't have Xeloda so can't tell you about side effects but for sure someone on that regimen will post and let you know,I was on chemo for 6 months, but was not that bad I continue working through all the treatment,so keep a good attitude,and I think was very smart even with stage 2 to get chemo at least you know you are doing everything possible, for your recovery, if you want you can e-mail me.Happy Holidays
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    Welcome and come back any time you have questions. There is almost always an answer here.
    You'll soon find that most of the statistics you hear are outdated and can be scued in many ways. There are so many new drugs and many positive stories. Sounds like yours is already a success story.
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    Wecome to a good place. I guess you can say that your cancer saved you from possible death due to heart attack.... go figure. The stent suggests you had some type of blockage or weakness in the wall which they may or may not have found in time. Wow! It sounds like you're actually a stage 2b or 3a but okay. I was a stage 3 and did use a lot of xedola. You can generally count on hand and foot syndrome unless your dosages are very low. B6 may help your hands if you start taking it right away. This side effect is not pleasant but is tolerable. The onc told me that after radiation/chemo and surgery my chances were 90% but would increase to 93% with additional chemo. Stats are unreliable because they apply to a general population with various variables to determine validy. I'd settle if they just say you have a good chance of beating this. It is less misleading or disappointing. Regardless welcome to semicolons.
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    Welcome to the semi-colons. Sorry you have to be here, but...since you have's a great place to be!

    I was Stage 3 and had 6 months of chemo. Just 3 days ago, I was given the good word. I am cancer free now! NED (No Evidence of Disease!)

    Just keep your good attitude and use your energy for moving forward.

    A word about Xeloda. I was on that for 3 or 4 treatments (I then went to another treatment)

    We are all different so it may not affect you like this but it did me. It may also depend on the dosage. Xeloda is known for foot/hand syndrom.

    Hands and feets get red and the skin peels. Just make sure you use very good lotion, like Eucerin cream (from drug store). Keep it on all the time. Some use Udder cream ,too. I had to use white gloves and footies. Lathered the cream on and wore those at night. Again, you may not have this problem.

    It was good to hear you overcame your heart problem as well.

    My best to you and yours.

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    Hi there. So sorry you were attacked by the beast, but you sound like you have a great attitude (#1 way to get better!) and are educating yourself about everything. What a whammy you had, with the heart attack immediately following surgery. I know that was not fun....

    Like you, I am IIa and my onc told me that the odds were improved almost 5% if chemo was done. Like I always said, 5% isn't that much if you're talking about a raise, but it sure is a lot when you're talking about your life! Anyway, this is the most fantastic site with the most amazing people you will ever interact with. These are the people who kept me going during tough times, because they will sympathise and then goose you to get moving toward NED.

    I am 10 months out of chemo and currently NED. I know you will be posting that, too, and we will all do a happy naked dance for you!

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    Thank you all for your replies and good wishes. I have 3 more days till the end of my first cycle with Xeloda. So far, I have extremely minimal side effects; my fingers are starting to dry up and wrinkle (like after swimming or being in water too long). I hope it does not get too rough, but I think I am prepared if it does.

    Anyway, I wish you all a Happy New Year.

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