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The other night we were talking on CSN an a couple of us decided they should not sugar coat cancer so much. They have stats on life expectancy.They watch a thousand or so people and and there you go they tell ya how long you are going to live. I know we are all differant, and our cancer was not treated the same . The Chemo was the worst for me the sugery was bad ,but the chemo was worse.I sometimes wonder if the side affects will ever stop!!! Seems like one after the other . But one thing no mater how bad they get just keep fighting .Every night i go to bed say a prayer an hope for the best the next DAY.


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    Dear Gregg:

    Statistics are just hogwash! Each person is an individual and should be treated as such. No human knows how long we will live, only God knows that.

    I am like you, my surgery was bad but, chemo was the worst! The side effects DO go away with time, I promise.

    Just keep up the good fight and I know you can beat this thing. Prayers with you for a speedy recovery.

    All the best,

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    The way I coped with cancer was to read. First I read what I could find at the public library (not much other than life stories). Then I read what was written for patients on the net. Then I started reading what was written for doctors. That's when I hit the scary statistics and the realization they honestly didn't have a cure for this stuff that I could count on. The good things that I realized include that the stats don't describe individuals and that research is being done. Some of the current stuff is exciting: nano technology, micro-arrays, new drugs, light-sensitive dyes, and more. Will it get finished in time for my next hurdle? Well, the micro-arrays were what confirmed that I had lung cancer stage 1 this time and not breast cancer mets to the lung (stage 4). So I guess they are getting there. My surgeon warns me not to read so much--that it will just keep me from sleeping. I still read, though I try not to do it just before bedtime anymore. I know I am looking for the big cure and that it isn't there yet. But maybe someday, I'll see a cure that is right for me and I will stare at the ceiling all night rejoicing.