Natural remedies?

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I was just reading about this natural compound called Gravizon (Graviola with other substances added to it), and wondering if anyone has heard anything about it, or used it? Apparently it was/is(?) expected to become a natural cancer treatment (instead of chemo), but the data I've seen is a few years old. Probably should dig deeper to find more current info, but I don't have the time right now.

I'm trying to do my best to stay healthy, so I keep an eye out for nutritional/herbal things that might boost the immune system or **** tumor growth, but I don't want to buy into any false promises. Since I was diagnosed I always planned on turning to natural anti-cancer remedies after completing traditional treatment, but I'm finding that there are so many possibilities. Who do you trust? What are you gals using or have tried? Or, is it all just empty promises? I'd like to hear what you think!



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    Hi Marianna, I, too, believe in natural products to some extent. I think they can probably slow down the cancer process, and possibly do cure certain types of cancer. Mopar has had two long remissions and would probably be the best information and advice that you can get! I will e-mail you about the things I have tried that obviously haven't worked. Stay positive and take care....With prayers and hugs, MM