Breast Wound with an infection

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Please contact me has this happened to anyone out there?


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    Hi Deb,
    My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer 12 years ago. About 5 years ago, the cancer metatstasised to her lungs and then grew into her sternum. She now has an open wound on her chest between her breasts where the tumour has broken the skin. Is this the kind of thing you mean? Alexi
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    Breast surgeons that treat breast cancer also treat breast that are injured and infected. Get to the best you can get to as soon as possible so they can get the infection under control. When I had first been diagnosed with breast cancer and found I had to have a mastectomy, I searched the web for all I could find. One site that really made me cringe was on a poor kid who had rings put in her breast and ended up with a huge infection she treated too late. She almost died. A mastectomy was needed in her case to keep her alive. Don't panic, though. It has been 5 years since I read that old web page and who knows how long it had been up. New antibiotics and new surgery techniques make big differences. But untreated (and under-treated) infections still kill people, so get help! Good luck!
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    Yes this has happened to me,
    After the second chemo treatment I had a raging staph infection that took little time to become a raging blood infection. Unfortunately I was in isolation for 8 days because they couldn't control it at the time. This was over 10 years ago and the beginning of such drugs as nuprogen that sperned the bone marrow in to action since I had 0 white blood cells. After each chemo there after I had to take shots to keep my bone marrow making white blood cells so I could stay healthier to complete my treatments.
    It was said the staph infection was there from surgery and when my immune system dropped with the white blood cells I had nothing to fight the infection with.
    It is said here in Canada there is more infection than ever in our hospitals and operating rooms so infections are more common than they have been in the many years previous to short staffing and privatising our cleaning services who tend to use cheaper products to clean with. One doesn't have to be scientist to see that if hospitals aren't being cleaned like they once were and our wounds are not being cleaned and bandaged like they once were infection will be the result.
    Please know that there are other medications out now that help cancer patients with immune deficiencies now. Within hours by the way is how quickly my infection spread to a critical point so don't wait to see or get help.