The BEST present....a LAWYER!!!

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As most of you know, my daughter passed last January at the hands of the institution she was staying at. I went thru alot of indescision as to persue it, and finally, when I read the coroner's report, decided to look for a lawyer. I had 7 turn me down in the space of 2 months. Then, on Steph's birthday (man! Was THAT hard!). A lawyer that had been re-referred from another (BTW, all these were sympathetic, just not interested) called. He specializes in Elder and Dependent Adult abuse.....JUST what I needed!!!! Seems with the others, it was like going to a brain surgeon for a broken toe!!

He has already started the filings, and seems encouraged to fight the case!!! YEA!!!

Hugs, Kathi


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    Hi Kathi,
    I am glad you have found a lawyer who specializes in these kind of cases, sounds like a Godsend on your daughters birthday. I am sooo sorry for your pain, I cannot imagine losing a child. I have often been worried about my son, he is a drug addict with mental issues and I live in fear that something might happen. I want you to know that you have helped me get through some really rough spots with your humor, understanding, and compasion. Hope your holidays are good and remember that God will never leave us, he allows things to happen that we dont understand but he is always there to help us through the pain.
    Love, Robin
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    Good news, Kathi. Have a wonderful time in Holland.

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    Good news Kathi. Sometimes we need to pursue things no matter what the outcome. I wish you good luck and hope you get a satisfactory resolution. God Bless (and enjoy your trip)
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    I'm glad that you found someone to help you with this. It sounds like you are on the right track now and you will find some comfort with this. This is a good way to start your holiday--have a great trip!

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    Good news and I hope you get some closure and comfort. Just some caution. In legal proceedings it seldom matters who is right. Justice is an abstract and generally the party with the bigger wallet and the most power (they are not the same) usually wins. Legal actions cost a lot and lawyers are in business to make money and care little about justice or even who is right. Don't expect "the institution" to ever admit they did something wrong and you may be forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement about what happened so as not to alert others....not an easy thing to do if justice you seek. My point is be sure that what you want is possible at the end of what could be a hard road. I've seen victims become victims again all too often. I know you're very strong so if you're sure then go kick their ****. Hope I'm not being a grinch about this Christmas present. Wish you the best!
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    What a nice Merry Christmas present!
    Jo Ann