Melanoma in the Lungs

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I'm looking for a survivor of Melanoma in the lungs and what Chemo treatment was used in your treatment. I have multiple melanomas, both lungs,
stage four and after 8 weeks of Interferon and DTIC the tumors have still grown. Thank You!!!
Gerald Howard


  • MadelynJoe
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    Dear Gerald:

    I don't know much about melanoma of the lung but, I had nonsmall cell lung cancer in 2005. I had a lower right lobectomy with subsequent chemo. I have been good since that time.

    I pray for your successful recovery. This is a good site for caring and prayers.

    All the best,

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    i have more comfort from this site and am better informed.your in our prayers.i am in chemo for small cell lung cancer will have my last round in jan.....then the all telling scan will be done.scary...
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    Hi , first I am a small cell lung cancer survivor (6 years), I just read about a Dr.David Berd , who is a prof. at Jefferson Medical College at the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia,Pa. They have a vaccine termed: Autologous, which is owned by AVAX Technologies Inc. of Kansas City , Mo. It is a trial vaccine and they are using it on stage IV melanoma lung cancer. I hope this helps and God Bless. Mike
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    Cancer is an umbrella terms for many different diseases with some similar characteristics. In every case the genetics of the cell nucleus have gone loco but the body doesn't seem to realize it is messed up. In every case it has the ability to replicate itself, but doesn't limit its own growth. Usually it invades the tissues surrounding it. Sometimes, either over time or maybe from the start, it has the ability to break off and set up camp elsewhere. No matter where it sets up camp, it still has the cell structure and function that it started with. So breast cancer is still breast cancer even if it moves to your bones and melanoma is still melanoma even if it moves to your lungs. That means that what chemo works on melanoma of the skin will work on melanoma in the lungs. You probably won't be given what is given to folks with primary lung cancer. I am not pathologist, but at one time I looked at those cells to figure out how doctors could tell I had cancer. The cancers have unique shapes and take dyes differently depending on their type. They also look differently on genetic micro-arrays. I actually had the audacity to call the pathologist to make sure I had lung cancer year ago, because I had a history of breast cancer.Lung cancer in its early stage takes surgery. Breast cancer of the lung takes chemo. He verified that I had lung cancer for sure and I had the surgery. You might want to check with the folks who have had melanoma to see what chemo is given for stage 4. I have also read research about vacines that have proved effective for melanoma. A university hospital that specializes in cancer treatment of melanoma might be a good place for a second opinion. Good luck!