Ovarin cancer spreading to stomach?

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I'm re-posting this for "Dorion" since the original thread was getting very long and probably no longer being read, and therefore not receiving the expected responses.
06:13 PM EST Re: I am so scared [reply]

Thank you Marianna, Glenda, charlotte, Joanne and if I missed any names forgive me. Thank you for all your advice and well wishes and support. As you can read my post you can tell I'm all over the place emotionally. One minute I try to be optimistic the next the ultimate fear sets in. I know I should equip myself with information and knowledge but I was dissappointed when I called a doctor friend of mine and he told me if it has spread to my stomaach than that is real bad! Now that didn't do anything for my optimism. I will look at the information Marianna that you suggested and try to be brave. Just all be patient with me as this is just over a week for me, I hope to get the hang of it. I want the surgery to be over with on one hand and on the other I can wait if you know what I mean. But what is anyone's take on this traveling to my stomach? yes I know I can look it up but I think right now I'll take straws. Thanks again Ladies.


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    First of all, please keep in mind that doctors (even when they have seen your test results) don't know what exactly is going on inside you until they look during surgery. In the mean time, they make educated guesses (or jump to conclusions) based on what little they know. Some of them like to prepare you for the worst case scenario, which frightens you, but later might make the reality easier to deal with since it's not as bad as you expected. What they will find during surgery may turn out to be far better than you fear, and even if the news is bad you should never give up!

    I know it's all overwhelming and frightening. We all start this journey feeling that way. Eventually, as you learn what cancer is, how it can be treated, and how even the worst cases can be managed for a long time you slowly become less frightened. It doesn't happen overnight, so give yourself a break!

    I don't have any knowledge regarding ovarian cancer spreading to the stomack specically (if I understand it correctly, that's what your doctor is saying), but hopefully someone will come along who can ease your mind regarding that possibility.

    Hang in there!
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    Marianna is so right. Currently it's just speculation. They really don't have all the facts yet. Even if it is, there are so many options. For many, the biggest fear is the unknown. So, until you get more definitive answers, you will feel that anxiety and doubt and fear. As Marianne said, 'Don't give up'. And don't let this fear overtake you. Right now, it's just very overwhelming.

    I'm not familiar with issues of it spreading to the stomach. I'm sure someone will offer some insight. In the meantime, we will all be here waiting when you get more information and want to ask more questions.

    I will pray and send hugs. Please let keep us informed.

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    Linda, I do hope that you have found more about ovarian cancer by now. Knowledge is power for me and this site has been so helpful with the surgery recovery and chemo side effects. Is the doctor doing your surgery a gyncologist/oncologist? As you have read in other's answers this is a must, we think. It will take a couple of months for you to settle down and begin your war if it is ovarian cancer. The surgery recovery will take awhile and it is ususally more involved than a complete hysterectomy. Mine was a 13 inch incision from sternum to pubis and so many staples that it took over an hour to pull them out. Once the staples came out, I came off pain meds, but the eight days in the hospital, I hardly remember because of the morphine. Keep us posted and start a new posting with a new subject so we will pick you up. Saundra
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    Linda is right, doctors try to give you the worst. Then when they have good news it makes you feel even better. So, hang in there and what-ever you do, don't give up.
    Take my case, I have stage III Ovarian Cancer. I was told I would never be cancer free at the begining. But when I went in for my August check-up my Oncologist told me if I can go 5 years without a reaccurance I would be considered cancer free.