Port/ central line - I'm so confused.

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- after 2 rounds of chemo the doctor is talking about removing the port/ central line.

From what I read people have chemo for months and months for colon cancer.

- The doctor IS talking about removing the "rest of the colon tumor" - but does 2 treatment sound like it would make a tumor small enough?!

- are the ports / central lines only used for colon cancer?! ... or are they used to get rid of the spread as well?


  • davidsonxx
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    The port is normally used for any chemo you have either before surgery or after surgery. Unless you are having problems with your port I don't know why the doctor would suggest removing the port so soon. Everyone responds to chemo differently but 2 treatments is really quick to significantly shrink a tumor. I suggest you get a second opinion. Things just don't sound right. Either there are other things going on that aren't in your post or something sounds fishy.
  • livefreeordie
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    I couldnt live without my port, its a god send.
    My viens couldnt bare all of the holes every week.
    I wont have mine removed unless I am done with chemo, and the beast goes away for a while..

    Maybe theres a problem with the port, I've heard of them getting clogged up..

    Ask the doctor why he wants to remove it..
  • shmurciakova
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    They probably think the surgery will be successful at this time, so that part of it makes sense to me, but assuming he will have to have more chemo following the surgery, I'd say leave it in. Also, it could be helpful while he's in the hospital for blood draws, etc.
    After he's been of chemo for a while and seems to be "out of the woods" then they can take it out.
  • jams67
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    Putting a port in or taking it out is not very pleasant, so once in, leave it until you are sure you won't need it again.
    Jo Ann
  • valeriec
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    I agree with JoAnn. If the port is not causing any kind of problem, I would suggest leaving it in until you are sure you are done with chemo. My mom's port was used for many different things. Her viens were pretty shot so the port came in really handy.
    Talk with the doc and see why he is wanting to take it out. Is it getting blocked?
  • sladich
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    I would definitely leave the port in. It doesn't do any harm. I agree with DAVISONxx, I would get a second opinion. Something doesn't sound right. Best of luck to you.

  • apache4
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    I agree with the others. Keep the port. It is not much bother to keep it and if you ever need it again, it will be ready. I don't know if you mentioned what Stage cancer you have. The line is used for all kinds of cancer to spare the veins. I think they are just wonderful.