Mother just diagnosed with nhl diffuse large b cell w/ high proliferative rate

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Concerned daughter. All advice is appreciated. My mother is 51 yrs old. She went to the dr around the first of November. She went to primary dr because she noticed a knot on the rt side of her neck that seemed to come up over night. They gave her antibiotics and told her to come back in 10 days if it wasn't better. Needless to say she was then sent to a eye, ear, nose, & throat dr. The first attempt to get a biospy was not sucessful. (fine needle) She then had a biopsy done on November 16. The dr took out some of the mass but some is still there. She was sent to the oncologist who then confirmed she does have nhl diffuse large b cell w/ a high proliferative rate. She had her first round of chemo on December 5 of rituxin and two days later CHOP. On Monday she received the Neulasta injection which was this past Monday. She has had a terrible cough for over a month. She also has spells of dizziness and what she says as everything goes black. The drs keep sending us back and forth and I feel like the issue is not being addressed. Has anyone had any syptoms like this? My mother is on a cough suppressant and it is not phasing the cough. She has not had hardly any sleep because she feels like every breath she has to cough.


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    I am sorry to hear your mother is having such a difficult time. You may want to contact the American Cancer Society's National Cancer Information Center for more information on her diagnosis and treatment. Cancer Information Specialists are available 24 hours a day at 1-800-227-2345.

    I wish your mother the very best on her treatment.

    CSN Dana
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    I am assuming that she has had scans to see the extent of her tumors, right? My lumps and bumps had gotten large enough to be pressing on my heart and lungs. After a few chemo treatments, the tumors began to shrink, the pressure was off those organs, and I honestly felt better than I had in a long time.
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    I can relate. I was a little wobbly in the beginning. I never experienced seeing black. I felt my doctor (recommended by the hospital)did not address my symptums as seriously as she should. I immediately requested the best Onocologist the hospital had.

    The new doctor kept sending me back and forth as well. This schedule went on for about 2 weeks. But, it was well worth it. I had a variety of scans and a bone marrow biopsy. After the test were received, he gave me steroids which made me feel a whole lot better. The Chemo treatments soon followed. I also receive CHOP the same day as my Chemo treatment.
    If it were my mother, and I felt the issues are not being addressed, I would seek a second option. Let the hospital know you don't want to get caught up in any hospital politics. You just want the Onocologist he or she would send his/her mother to. I did and am very glad I did. I hope this helps.