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Hello everyone! I finished my 10 cycles of Topotecan on the 6th, and I'm finally feeling about half human again. I got the CA125 results on the 5th, and my number was 2.7. I was so thrilled, I just had to share. I read where Joanne might be in line for this drug, and I hope this is some help. Side effects wise, I had low white counts which meant I got a shot of neulasta after every 5 day cycle. There was nausea to deal with, but Ativan took care of that pretty well. The worst of it all was the fatigue. It's cumulative, so be prepared to have plenty of down time. I hope it works as well for you as it did for me. Even better, and faster. Blessings and good cheer to all you ladies, and prayers abound for dancing with NED.


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    It´s so nice to hear good news around here. Many prayers to you. Liz
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    How often did you take Topotecan? I am so glad to hear your good news. I think your CA-125 is the lowest I have seen in this group. What a warrior yu r .... Answered prayers abound. Saundra
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    Charlotte that is awesome news! Thanks for sharing. Bonnie
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    Way to go, Charlotte! That is tremendous news. What a wonderful gift this Christmas. Enjoy God's blessings!
    Luv and Hugs!
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    This is the best news ever. I love to hear when this beast gets beat down!!! Thanks for the info on Topo. When my Onc mentioned it 3 weeks ago, we decided then on a 1 time per week for 3 weeks, then off 1 week. He said studies show that it can be given like this, and acheive the same results as 5 straight days. I hope it doesn't knock me down too much, as I try to work Mon-Wed. Anyway back to you...CONGRATS!!!!((((hugz)))..Joanne
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    Deear Charlotte,

    Congrats on your low ca125!!!! I am so happy for you. I finished a 9 cycles of topotecan and carboplatin last Sept. I had an allergic reaction to the carbo. so had to go off the study. I am now on tomoxifen (which I don't feel real confident about, but may go back on just topotecan. I didn't have the nausia. My blood counts were low and I had to take neupegen every day. A big part of the low counts was due to the carbo. I didn't realize how much fatigue I had until I went off the carbo and topo. How often do you take the topotecan?