While I have Internet.....

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These past few weeks, I have had great trouble with my internet connection. So, before I lose it again....

Happy Holidays to all! I know that for many 2007 hasn't been easy (today was my daughter's birthday....sigh....) but we still have each other, and the joys that each day can bring us. I light a star for each of you, and for our friends that have gone on.

I am well enough (Yea!) to travel to Holland again this year...and we are staying for a much longer time...till mid-January. I am planning to set aside all the bad/sad stuff during this time, and recharge my batteries. It's hard to believe that my Steph has been gone for almost a year...

ANYWAY....Prettige Feestdagen (Merry Christmas), to all!

Hugs, Kathi


  • And a very Merry Christmas to you and yours Kathi.
    Bon Voyage...!!!
    (Take lots of pics.....lol)
  • phoenixrising
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    A very merry Christmas to you Kathi, I do hope you find the health, peace and relaxation you look for there.
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    Have a wonderful trip Kath! We'll look for you on CNN :-)

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    Merry Christmas Kathi and thanks for being part of this community. I had been reading the posts before I ever started writing and I think it was your postings about being a colon survivor followed by Breast that made me start writing. This site is so valuable - I can't describe to others that haven't been there what it is like to be able to talk about these experiences with the people who have been there. It's so uplifting to know others are getting through the ups and downs and fears and still enjoying their lives and are here to talk about it.

    thanks for being part of the CSN.