Blood Clot in Lung/PET Question

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My dad's latest ct scan done yesterday indicates a blood clot in his lung. Doctor is giving him some kind of blood thinner (injection) - given both yesterday and today. We are scheduled to travel to England on December 26. Doctor is aware of this and is not alarmed. Is it safe to fly with a blood clot? How dangerous is this? I have not found any reassuring news while researchign this on the internet. Any help is welcomed.

Also, my dad had a pet/ct scan in May 2007 - multiple spots in liver that lite up and spots on ct scan but they did not lite up on pet scan. Recent pet/ct done in December 2007 says there are a few spots in the liver that lite up and one spot in the lungs (also had a separate ct scan done to confirm this - thank god because it caught the blood clot). The two pet/ct scans were done at separate places. We meet with the oncologist at hopkins on Tuesday (12/18). I am so nervous. Last time we were there, he said that my dad could live many years. Now we have a blood clot and a pet/ct report that confuses us. According to my mom (doctor did not meet with us/gave us results over the phone), the ct and the pet/ct only mention one spot in the lung (doctor only refers to one spot during conversations and mentions that it got bigger) and he says that the spots in the liver also got bigger (but this report uses the word few). Still ,we do not know the exact number (I am very puzzled by this). My dad used to get his scans done in Northern Virginia (moved since then) and we always had a report that list exact number, size, and location for a pet/ct. I know that I am rambling but this is my only outlet. Any words of wisdom are welcomed. Thanks!!!


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    Hi. I was DX in July 06 with Stage II colon cance with no lymph node involvement or signs of spreading. Did my chemo and finished in Nov 06. During my 2nd surgery (reconnection of colon) in Feb 07, I developed a very small blood clot on the right side. They began Lovonex (sp?) injections into the stomach twice daily. Once out of the hospital I started taked Warfarin (sp?) once a day. I will continue on this until Feb 08 when my Drs think I can be taken off. The usual time frame for blood clots that develop is usualy 6 -12 months.

    I don't know about flying with a blood clot, I would ask the Dr before thought.

    Also, some chemo regimes can cause blood clotting. I hope this helps.
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    I guess your father being able to travel would depend on how long you will be gone. If it's not a long trip, I would think it is okay. It also depends on the type of treatment your father is receiving for his blood clot. Is there any chance that your father could be followed while overseas?