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I haven't posted since I finished chemo in August: I suppose I've been trying to put the whole cancer experience behind me (it all seems a bit unreal now). Until recently I was feeling great, running or going to the gym most days and walking our new puppy (my post chemo present to myself!). For the past ten days I have been feeling very nauseous (although I haven't actually thrown up) and have convinced mysef that this is a sign that the beast is back. I just wondered what symptoms others had of a recurrence in their liver? My energy level has also dipped (it bounced back quite quickly after chemo) and I've had some diarrhoea and mild lower back pain (could of course be unrelated). I've also got a bad cough, but then so has my daughter so that is probably not sinister.

The nausea actually started the morning after I had drunk a couple of glasses of wine (could be a coincidence). I was teetotal all through chemo and now only drink the odd glass (before I was ill I could easily polish off half a bottle in an evening!). Have others found they can no longer tolerate alcohol?


PS Case history: had a huge tumour (the size of a "small football") removed from my ascending colon in February. Three lymph nodes affected, so Stage 3. Nine rounds of Folfox. NED when scanned in September.


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    Hi Catherine, sorry I can only offer you soupport. I remember hating taking showers because it seemed I haunted myself with questions of the diease returning. quieting those demons can be tough. I hope you issues are not related to any new occurance. I hope you can find peace within -
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    Hi Catherine,

    I finished chemo a year ago and ever since have had various nausea, mild pains etc which have made me wonder if the beast was back - it wasn't. Our minds can play tricks on us. I would focus on your follow up scans etc. If they are clean then get on with life. I think that's the best we can do...Mark
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    I finished my chemo in Nov 06 with no occuring sympstons, but as I was reading your post, could you be doing too much with physical activities, Christmas holiday approaching, flu season, etc?

    I have a bad back due to a car accident and the year I had to take off from weight lifting and cardio I had no back pain, but as soon as I started back to weight lifting and cardio, there came my back pain.

    But, to heal our minds, I would say talk with your doctors because your Sept 07 CT Scan came back NED, so I can't see something happening in 3 months or you could be due for another CT?

    I get checked every 3 months.
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    Hi Catherine, I've wondered where you were and how you were doing. We, as you know, went through our diagnosis and surgery about the same time.

    I, too, have battled nausea since I finished my chemo (mid September). I discussed it with my onc at my 4 week checkup after finishing chemo and he said it couldn't be from the chemo??? (guess since I'm not taking it). I'm taking my Zofran, as needed, and will probably call his nurse regarding a prescription later if I feel I need it. I don't want to live my life afraid for tomorrow and it's aches and pains. I've felt really good since my chemo completion, had great energy but I've notice I've had a considerable amount of bloating and excessive gas. I, like you, get concerned and imagine all kinds of things. I'm determined not to go there. I enjoy my wine now too, maybe that's our problem????

    Like you, I rewarded myself with a new pup (an English Bulldog) of all things. I lost my best buddy (another bulldog) this summer. This has been a tough year!!

    You may be overdoing it, physically. I'm having low back pain. I had a spinal fusion last December. My surgeon assured me it wasn't anything related to my cancer. Guess it goes with the territory to fret over every pain after a cancer diagnosis.

    Please take care and enjoy your days. I believe you and I will be fine.