Taxol/Taxetere side effects

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Hi. I was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer in October 2006. Had 4 AC treatments between 11/06 and 3/07. Was scheduled for 4 Taxol treatments. The first treatment in April hit my joints badly and my doctor switched me to taxetere. Pain in my joints never went away. I was taking strong pain medication. In August I had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. Surgery went well and I am cancer free now. But my joint pain (mostly small joints - both hands - elbows, wrists, fingers; and both legs - knees, ankles and toes) does not go away. As a matter of fact it gets worse - yesterday i woke up with pain in my hips. I am off the pain pills since October. Tried body cleansing retreat with raw diet - pain improved for about couple of weeks, and came back as strong as before. Currently I am trying accupuncture - hope it will help some.
I see a lot of complaints from other women about taxol/taxetere long term joint pain side effects.
I am 50, have 9 year old son, used to bike and ski with him - cannot do any of that any more.
If anybody can share similar experiences and found a releif - I would appreciate any advice.


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    I had a friend who had Taxol for OC and 4 years later she does have problems. Her cure was mild excercise and Physical Therapy. I developed a form of arthritis in my 40's and so I haven't noticed anything worse than I had. Actually I think that my arthritis flairs less since chemo put me into menopause. For my arthritis I swim almost everyday and it really, really helps. When they first told me excercise was the answer I refused to believe them, but I got a trainer and took it very slowly and after a two or three months, I had to go back to the doctor and admit he was right about exercising. Now if I don't do something everyday I hurt. Maybe it will work for the Taxol joint pain too.

    I hate to excercise, but I hate the pain meds more. Have you asked your doc to send you to a Physical Therapist? might help.
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    Hi Moazip, that's nasty stuff isn't it. 3 days after my first hit of taxotere and I was ready to go to the emergency department. I couldn't believe the pain. I eventually went on morphine for it, but had tried gabapentin and it did help somewhat. Each taxotere tx after affected me less and less. I also developed a mood disorder from that stuff.....or it happened at the same time. It's been 8 mos since the last tx and I still feel a buzz in my shins and my feet burn.
    This is nerve damage and unfortunately takes a long time to heal.

    One thought though. I found out later that I had osteoporosis and my boss (pharmacist) and I wondered if that had anything to do with the excrutiating pain in the bones. It would be interesting to know if you had osteo as well.

    Another thought.....I wonder why they don't use Abraxane instead of taxol/taxotere as the side effects are much less. Abraxane doesn't use a solvent to deliver the meds to the tissues therefore we don't need the prednisone either.

    Sorry I haven't been more help.

    Best of luck to you