Taxotere Side Effects

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Hello, I am posting this question for anyone who has been taking Taxotere. My sister was diagnosed with stage 4 metasticized breast cancer in Feb 2007. She has been on tamoxifin but her white and red blood cell counts really have not had any improvement. Her onco has been worried about the size of her tumors (they are increasing) and after a tumor appeared in her brain strongly encouraged her to start chemo which she started a few days ago (taxotere). She had her steroids for the day before, the day of and the day following. She spent those days with the jittery energy, sleepless nights and we are hoping that will stop. On the second day she had the metallic taste in her mouth, very dry mouth and throat (her voice is sounding dry and crackly) and indigestion (like heart burn). I just wanted to get feedback from others out there as to how this progresses (side effects and time frames). She was also told by some that 3 out of 10 folks don't loose their hair. Is that true? She has beautiful long hair and everyone is recommending that she should get it cut short before it starts falling out. When does the hair start falling out, should she wait and see if she is lucky enough not to have that side effect? Are there any things folks can recommend about diet, etc that could help deter some of the side effects, or ways to cope with them. This is her third day after chemo. I am her sister, she is so much stronger than me, I just want to find out ways that I can help her. Thanks and God Bless you all