Doubts and fear

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Hi all, Frankly my Mom says she feels well and sometimes thinks all she has passed has been a very bad nightmare. She says nothing hurts and here colon is working by itself. She is in remission since the end of October 07,..but I always worry because she said she felt fine a little before she had a 1st recurrence so nothing she says makes me feel at peace. What makes me most doubtful is that she says she gets very hungry and even eats snacks between meals (she never used to do that) is that a bad sign???? I have heard that when tumours grow, they feed fastly and you get more that even true or something stupid?? Thanks for your opinions.


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    I think, that unless your mom has a weight problem to begin with, that snacking between meals should be all right. This is something that should be addressed by a doctor, of course, and certainly before any weight-control program is encouraged. I was advised to "not even dream" about trying to lose weight, but once I was done with chemo, I was given the green light to go to Weight Watchers. She really should talk to her doctor - if she thinks she has abnormal hunger.
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    My cancer caused a loss of appetite until the end of the surgery. Now my appetite is back full force and I have gained back the 20 lbs that i lost in treatment and surgery. I do not have a weight problem but try to eat healthy and keep a watch on things. I feel good except when I am getting over the maintenance dose every month. Won't she be watched with CA-125 blood tests and CT scans on a regular basis. These will pick up growth faster than hunger indications, I think. Glad she has a daughter to care and keep watch on her. (((Prayers and hugs))) Saundra
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    I think when I have recurrences I feel alot better than I did at diagnosis. At that point I was so full of cancer,I felt terrible. But now we have at least most of the cancer gone, so it is possible to feel good. Try to relax, and rejoice that your mom feels good and is eating well again. I'm sure it's not linked together at all. Let the CT scans and ca-125 be your guide!!!((((hugz)))..Joanne
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    Sometimes overeating is a sign of depression. She may say she feels great but the fact is she's been through a lot and the eating may keep her mind occupied. Also, is she on any type of steroids? Those crazy things make you eat even if you don't feel like it - you are hungry ALL THE TIME. I would agree with all the others though - talk to her doctors, watch the numbers and rejoice in knowing she is in remission now. My best to you both. Kris
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    I understand your concerns. But there are all kinds of 'truisms' out there and it's different for everyone. So, as others have said, just run it by the doctor and get his/her opinion.

    As far as eating between meals, it is actually recommended for all people to eat 5-6 smaller meals a day. It keeps your blood sugar levels good, and actually maintains your weight or helps you to lose it, providing you are eating the right things. I wouldn't discourage your mom's 'snacks'. Just encourage they are healthy ones, not sugar-laden. My mid-meal snacks are usually a handful of almonds or walnuts, yogurt, celery sticks with a little natural peanut butter. I think you get the idea. And maybe that's why your mom 'feels better' - it's keeping her blood sugar levels normal. Just something to think about.

    Don't let the fears rule you. If there's something you're truly concerned about, jot it down on paper or a journal and then let it go. Take it up with the doctor the next time. The fears and doubts attack us all from time to time.

    Sending lots of luv and hugs your way, AND wishes for a very Merry Christmas!