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Do to recent unfavorable test results, my oncologist has decided to begin Xeloda and Oxiaplatum, instead of the 2 cycles of Xeloda only he had originally intended. I will begin treatment tomorrow and will remain on the treatment for 4 monthes.

I am very discouraged by this and find myself wishing things were how they use to be pre diagnosis when I felt very strong both physically and mentally. Now I'm just a mess!

I'm now 7 weeks post op from my surgery and although the abdominal swelling has gone down as well as the feeling of rectal pressure and urgency, I still can't get myself out of the restroom. Some have requested that I try a regime listed on the MD Anderson website, but the fiber makes things worse for me. I'm really worried about the chemo adding to the problem.

Can I Expect this problem to go away, or am I destined to be a Lomotil junkie? Can anyone give me advise on what sort of diet/meds have worked for them. Has anyone tried natural remedies such as aloe pills or juice?



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    I did the xeloda/oxaliplatum for 4 cycles. Had to rely on lomotil a lot. I found that metamucil helped control the diarreah sometimes. It is a roller coaster but worth it in the end. I just finished chemo 3 days ago. Accupuncture helped me with the neuropathy but the diarreah and bowel problems continued, however I got to the point I could manage it. It was a hard road for me but I have come out better for it.

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    Hi Cheryl. I'm hoping it goes well for you. My hubby was also on the xeloda, oxal along with avastin. He, fortunately, did not have may side effects. Did use ammodium on occasion , a lot of hand /foot cream to try to keep the hand /foot syndrome away from the xeloda. He did 9 treatments so far and was fortunate enough not to experience it yet. Wishing you well . God Bless
    (also be sure you hydrate yourself well )
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    Don't forget the BRAT diet....
    B- banannas
    R- rice
    A- applesause
    T- Tea

    This is a good 'get back to square one' diet that will help the runs and nausea. And water, LOTS of it....need to flush that chemo OUT ASAP....

    Scalloped potatoes worked for me, and, late at night, buttered English muffins...

    Just keep in mind this is a temporary thing. I know the feeling of disappointment....3 DAYS before my (I thought) cancelled bowel resection surgery, I was told that everyone thought it would be a good idea to go forward with it....plans change, just remember the outcome is to be cancer FREE!

    Hugs, kathi
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    I am on Xeloda, Oxaliplatin and Avastin. I just got my CT results and my liver tumor has shrunk more than 50%. This regimine has worked wonders for me! I have constipation, no diarrhea from these meds. I have to take a stool softner instead of anti diarrhea meds. Hopefully you will have the same effects. Think positive. Get some good hand cream for the Xeloda. I have only had 3 rounds so far and just started to get some redness in my feet. I use Udder cream, it works well. Good luck, hopefully this chemo will work as good for you as it does for me.
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    I'm sorry for what you are going through. Time may help some of your problems. My husband was one that followed the MD Anderson Website with good results, but his surgery was a year ago and his ileostomy reversal was in May. I know it is very discouraging, but try to stay positive and keep the faith. There are better days ahead!!!My thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue your treatment.