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I've been on this site off and on for a year now. My mom (50yrs old) was diganosed with ovarian cancer 3C in May 06. She went through the surgery and 6 treatments of chemo (carbo/taxol). In June07 her ca125 went up to 680, so they did the CT and PET and she went through another 6 rounds of carbo/taxol, except after the second one, she had an allergic reaction to the carboplatin, so she just continued with the taxol. Now to my are wanting to keep her on maintence chemo. At first they wanted to give it to her every 3 months, but now they want her to get it every month. I was just wondering if anyone else has gone through the maintence chemo? And how it went? Thanks for listening. Please message me with any information. I'm Lisa, by the way. :)


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    Although I don't have personal experience with maintenance, I send my thoughts, hugs and prayers to you and your Mom. I'm sure there will be several responses to your questions regarding maintenance, so hang in there.
    Luv to you both,
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    I am on maintenance of taxol every four weeks in Texas. I am 69 yrs. old and was diagnosed 3/2/07. I am Stage IV because of liver involvement (3 tumors there). I had 4 doses/3 wks and then surgery followed by 4 more chemo doses of taxol and carbo. Then, one dose of doxel, due to a misread CT scan. My doctor is the head of Texas Oncology department of Gyn/Onc. and suggested that I do the maintenance dose since I stood the earlier doses so well. (I was allergic to carbo also but by pre-dosing with steriods, was able to continue them.) My doctor says there has only been one study on this maintenance program (for as long as a year) but that study showed a length in the remission time of 10 months. I decided to try it. My CA-125 is 6 down from the original of 2988 and we know that my cancer cells are reacting well to taxol. I will see my surgeon again on the 11th and may have more information then. I will take it as long as it does not do too much body damage. Click the envelope if you want to e-mail me personally. Saundra
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    Hi Lisa,

    I think Saundra has given you a good view of someone having maintenance chemo. I haven't had the experience myself, but I do know women who have. One thing I have always tried to keep in mind is something one of my doctors (not involved in my surgery or chemo) told me: The doctor considers a good outcome a victory - a win, and everyone loves to win! It gave me more confidence to go with what they were suggesting (but I do still ask a lot of questions).