ct scan report not good

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I just got my ct scan report back last night. I have been off treatment for 3 months and my tumors have grown. A lymphnode has doubled in size (grown about a half inch) another lymphnode and the tumor in my chest has increased but not as much. I am very discouraged about this as I kept asking to get back on something before the tumors grew. The onc had me meet with a surgeon and a radiology and a tumor board reviewed my case and all said I was not curable. The onc said my cancer was not all that bad and could be kept stable and now I get the news it is growing again. She is putting me on tamoxifan. I feel a little uneasy about this treatment. Anyone had any experience with it. I want to do everything I can to keep this disease at bay but wonder if it is possible or if I am fighting a loosing battle. Otherwise I seem in good health. I appreciate hearing from all of you even though I don't respond too often.


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    Go to the announcement section of this website and at the bottom there is a link to find answers to people with treatment questions.
    Maybe that will help you make a decision. I am so sorry that you had a bad report on the CT and will add you to my daily prayer list. Saundra
  • I am so sorry to hear that! My name is Jenna by the way. I will put u in my prayers!
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    Don't be discouraged. Take the advise and get your treatment questions answered. No one should ever lose hope. I'm sure you've read all the encouraging testimonies here before, but just browse them again - allow them to lift your spirits. There are lots of options available to you.
    Till later. . .
    Luv, hugs and prayers,
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    I'm sorry I have no exp. with Tamoxifin, but I'll say some prayers that they stop the disease from spreading and keep you comfortable.(((hugz)))..Joanne
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    Eleen, I´m sorry for the bad news but I too as Monika think there is always hope and other things to try. May I ask how long ago were you dx at what stage and how many recurrences have you had? My Mom is 76 and still in the battle at stage IIIC please stay calm I will have you in my prayers. LIZ
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    I had been on tamoxifan from 13 June 2007 to 31 Aug 2007. It was a very easy chemo with no side effects. I took one tablet once a day and it gave my body time to recover from the toxic chemo regime I had been on. I was able to go on holidays for a few weeks. It kept my numbers stable until my body was able to commence doxil. I am due to have my third treatment of doxil tomorrow 14 Dec. Then a decision will be made if the doxil is working or if I have to switch to a different chemo. I also had 28 treatments of radium from 15 June 2005 until 17 August 2005. This is a long story and my present problems in relation to rental failure on 12 November were because of the radium. I am very slowly recovering from the renal failure but it has been a very slow recovery. I hope to feel much better in a weeks time and I am looking forward to a Happy and pain free Christmas. I will get back to you with the questions I should have asked, where I think we went wrong what happened to my CA125 etc. Irene.
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    Hi Eleen, Just a note to say that I got 6 mos of freedom with Tamoxifen, and wish your news was better. Side effects were like menapause and the rest was great. I was able to travel and not in any pain. A day without pain is a good day for me. Am now taking 50% doxil dose once a month and it's working to lower numbers. Where there is life, there is hope. Enjoy the good days. Paula2
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    Hormone treatments are fine - nothing to fear and very mild side-effects. Find out the exact hormone status of your cancer. It sounds as though it's definitely estrogen positive (ER+) but it could also be PR+ ie. a combination of both. If that's the case then you could also try this drug (in combination with tamoxifen) and as per with breast cancer no doubt both are better than one alone. If your cancer does not respond to tamoxifen then definitely try this one. The same drugs can be used for ovarian, uterine and breast cancers depending on hormone status. Mifepristone, however, is only available through the FMF's Compassionate Use Program:

    Their website link is:

    2003: Study of effect of mifepristone on apoptosis of human ovarian cancer cell line 3AO
    • “Mifepristone inhibited significantly the proliferation and induced the cell apoptosis of cell line 3AO in dose-time dependent manner in vitro. The anti-tumor effect was related to down-regulation the expression of PR protein and bcl-2 protein, and to up-regulation the expression of p53 protein of 3AO cells.”

    2003: Enhancement of antitumor effect of cisplatin against human ovarian carcinoma cells by mifepristone in vivo.
    • “At a non-toxic dose, RU486 may enhance the sensitivity of tumor cells to cisplatin in vivo, possibly through the mechanism of inhibiting GcS expression at the mRNA level.”

    2004: Mifepristone Induces Growth Arrest, Caspase Activation, and Apoptosis of Estrogen Receptor-Expressing, Antiestrogen-Resistant Breast Cancer Cells
    • “We demonstrate that: (a) estrogen receptor+progesterone receptor+, 4-OHT-resistant clonal variants can be isolated from an MCF-7 cell line in the absence of antiestrogen selection; and (b) MIF and MIF plus 4-OHT combination therapy induces growth arrest and active cell death of the antiestrogen-resistant breast cancer cells. These preclinical findings show potential for a combined hormonal regimen of an antiestrogen and an antiprogestin to combat the emergence of antiestrogen-resistant breast cancer cells and, ultimately, improve the therapeutic index of antiestrogen therapy.”