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hello to everyone...quick recap for those who may not remember husband, Mike was dx. in Sept. 2005, stage 3, had temp illiostomy, did before and after chemo, did radiation for treatment before surgery, and SO happy to say, he is doing FANTASTIC..for any newbies out there, do not give up, as some of you may recall, there were many posts by myself, when I thought we would not make it..and here we are 2 years later, and as strong as ever. Mike just told me again the other day, crazy to say, but cancer has changed him (and I), for the better..oh how I love him :-)
Now, on to my brother has been having very serious problems to do with his abdomen, groin area, and bowels..alot of the symptoms are the same as Mike had..the sudden urge to have a bowel movement..severe pain in the abdomen..feeling bloated..drs. have been doing a series of tests over the past 2 months, can not find anything, so FINALLY they are getting an appointment with a GI do do a colonoscopy. The one symptom that he is having that has me baffled is severe chest discomfort..almost like a tightening in the chest, and it is always there he said. His dr. said at first that he did not feel they were related, however yesterday, he said he feels that the chest discomfort is occuring because of another problem. I know my brother is going CRAZY with waiting, and of course we are all SO nervous because of Mike. Of course I told him it could be anything IBS, Colitis, Chrons, but alot of his symptoms are exactly as Mike had. He goes between constipation to having to go 3 or 4 times a day. I was just wondering, has anyone else had any chest pains or discomfort before they were dianosed? Thanks so much for any help.


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    I'm so glad to hear you husband is doing well. My husband was also stage 3 (rectal cancer)diagnosed Jan. 06 he had radiation and chemo, surgery on 05-06 followed by 4 months of chemo because of 10 out of 28 nodes positive. bowel movements are a little more frequent then before. But he can handle that! He has pet scans every 3 months since the end of his chemo. So far so good just had one on 11-27 will get result on 12-11 so stressed waiting!

    I'm so glad your brother is having a colonoscopy.
    surprised they didn't to the colonoscopy first before other tests.I wish I had more advice on the chest pain. Hopefully they will find out soon. When is his colonoscopy? Has he ever had blood in his stool? Please keep us posted. valley
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    Great hearing about hubby!

    I personally did not have chest discomfort, but one of my patient partners, stage IV, did....32 years old....already had mets to the aortal area. After MAJOR chemo (he lost tons of weight, had a stomach tube), he was able to have surgery. He is doing well.

    Hugs to you and your family....

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    Hi Sylvia,
    First of all I want to say how wonderful it is to hear your husband is over 2 years NED! That is awesome news. Of course we remember you...
    If all of his tests turn out to be negative I would persue checking out the condition of his heart. I had lung mets and no symptoms whatsoever. Prior to my original diagnosis I had blood in the stool and some diarrhea, but that is it. I don't mean to get you all freaked out or anything, but if this bowel stuff turns out to be nothing, then perhaps he's barking up the wrong tree. My mother also has all of those symptoms you describe that your brother has. There is nothing wrong with her so far as they can tell. She has had a upper and lower endoscopy and they have now said she has IBS.
    Best of luck getting it all straightened out!