How to use long lasting meds with breakthrough meds?

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my mom started her long lasting meds (suppose to last for 12 hours) but had a breakthrough at the 8th hour and took medication and then another one at a half hour before taking the 12 hour one, but she wouldnt take the breakthrough med for this one because of how close it was to taken the other 12 hour one, so she suffered it out for half hour, (she wasnt sure if she should of taken a breakthrough because it was so close for next 12 hour pain med) Does anyone know if its ok to do this half hour before hand?

ALSO if anyone has any other suggesting for the throbbing, stabbing pain she gets?


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    My husband has been managing his pain for over 3 years now. I can tell you what is okay for him, but you should definitely keep track of the breakthrough meds and let your doctor know. For my husband, it is safe to have breakthrough meds at anytime he needs it. In fact, his 12 hour meds are taken every 8 hours--so they are meant to overlap also. When you need the pain meds-it is different than someone taking extra that has no need for them. We have learned that once the pain gets ahead of you, it takes a much much greater amount to get it back under control.
    Usually, the doctor watches how many breakthrough meds are necessary. Possibly, your mom needs to have an increase in her 12 hour meds. It is quite the balance game, but she should not be in pain -that is definite.
    Good luck to you--I know how hard it is to watch someone you love in pain and feel so helpless.
    Keeping you and yours in my prayers.
    Mary Kay
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    I am so sorry for mom's pain, and the pain it is causing you to watch and care for her...

    Many of my patient partners have told me (I didn't have directly....too long ago, all of 2 that accupuncture (or even just accupressure) helps ALOT with the pain. Now, that said, check with mom's doc first....but most feel that at the worst, it is not harmful, at best, it relieves pain!

    Hugs, kathi