radiation burns on rectum and around private parts

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anyone expperencing this? how do u deal with the burn?


  • jenalynet
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    I'm sorry that you are having problems from radiation. I had 30 treatments for rectal cancer and started to get a small spot that started to burn. My radiation nurse gave me Xenaderm salve and it solved the problem within a couple applications. Maybe you can talk to the nurse about it. Take care, Audrey.
  • cheryltaco
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    Prior to surgery, I had 6 weeks of radiation (Mon. - Fri, weekends off). I had the very same problem. It was quite painful, especially using the restroom. I experimented with various creams and ointments, some over the counter, others prescribed. I used only wet wipes or water after using the restroom, kept myself slathered with pure aloe, took frequent sitz baths, used suppositories,let myself breathe (if you know what I mean) whenever possible, and my Dr also prescribed Vicodin which I used at night(it took the edge off a bit and allowed me to sleep soundly). Unfortunately for me time was the best medicine. I'm so sorry you're going through that,but it does get better with time. Hang in there.
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    I used some vaseline which helped a little. Pain pills can help as well. As the others have said, time is the main cure for the pain. It does go away. If I remember correctly it became somewhat better about two weeks after completing radiation and wasn't much at all about 4 weeks after. Hang in there. ****