Update after lung surgery

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Hello all!
Background - Colon cancer 8/06, chemo, pulmonary embolism, liver resection 2/07, chemo... lung mets discovered 10/ 15, lung lobectomy 11/16/07.
Well just got back from Stanford and the lung surgery went well. It was, so far, MUCH easier to come back from than the liver. They got the lobe out and I was in for 5 days. Now its recover and then look at chemo options. The one issue is that there is currently nothing to track. My CEA is under 1.0, I have no other visible lesions, etc. That is great but I talked to my onc and he also believes that follow-up chemo can help with lowering the recurrance rate or time to recurrance. I know I have to think positive but with my history so far, its best to do all I can right now. Thanks to all of you on here, I think of you often and I know each of us fights this alone at times and together at times. I am back to talk to anyone who has questions and try to help as you have helped me.


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    I am so happy to read your post, I have been watching for an update. I wish you a good recovery and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, I am thrilled that all went well. I am stage4 also and they just found 2 spots in my left lung on Oct. 22nd and we are waiting 3 months and scan again to check what the dirty monsters did. I am fighting with you all the way, sending you warm hugs, Audrey.
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    Great news Impactzone! I've been wondering how you are doing. I truly think you are on the right path with follow up chemo. Nothing to track also means less (if anything) to kill - get it while it's down! I imagine that it is difficult looking at more chemo, but if you have any doubt about being completely disease free, go with the chemo. Your positive attitude is a big asset.

    Best wishes for a quick recovery and effective follow up chemo.

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    So glad to hear the surgery went well and that you are finding the recovery relatively easy. I'm a two-time lung surgery gal myself. I was in the same situation as you, with 'nothing to track' -- no remaining lesion (yea!) and CEA has never been a useful marker for me. I had "mop -up" chemo following the lung surgery. Yes, it's a drag. But, it passes. If it is any consolation to you, I'm 5 mos post-chemo now, my chemo-brain is already beginning to forget and blur the experience, I am feeling GREAT (hiking, yoga), and have had two clear scans (one in August, one in Nov). I know you have difficult decisions to face, and that those decisions are highly individual. May you remain "nothing to track" forever! Best wishes to you.
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    wow....cea under 1 is great !!!!!!! Enjoy the great news
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    Great news. I'm glad all went well. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

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    First of all....


    I LOVE your line about 'nothing to track'. It's weird for us, after hearing all the doom and gloom and bad reports to suddenly find ourselves living life without a net!!!

    I have a friend who was in your position...decided to do post-surgical chemo to get all the 'dust bunnies'....no sign of cancer left....she said she would continue it till either it finished, or her body told her 'enough!'. She has 2 treatments left, and is doing quite well.

    At first, I said I did not have any post-surgical chemo...but then I remembered....6 months after my surgery, I was being treated for primary site breast cancer, complete with, you guessed it, a full course of chemo. Granted, a bit different set of chemicals, but, interesting enough, research is using one of them, Taxol, in non-responsive colon cancer patients...so, there you are....I guess I DID have post-surgical chemo...lol!!!

    Whatever you decide, know it is the right decision...no regrets...that is what I did....

    Hugs, Kathi
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    Am so glad your recovery is going well! Was hoping to see your NED post . We are still debating on the follow up chemo also after hubbys liver resection. It's not an easy decision by any means. I'm sure you will make the right decision for you. God Bless and welcome home.