Life is Good... Have a Great Thanksgiving...

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OK All....

I know for many of you ... You are still fighting mightily to sleigh the ugly beast.... But for me I was diagnosed in May 2005... and I guess this weekend.. it dawned on me how blessed I was going to be this Thanksgiving... I am back to being healthy... My son has just bought a house and is getting married in March... My parents who were my primary support system through treatment are both still healthy (75 & 78). I am more active than I have been in 10 years... (dancing at least 1 and sometime 2 nights ever weekend... Have more friends that I can ever remember.... I guess all this rambling is just to let all know that there is life after cancer...and for me there is a need to live life like I never know how long it will be available for me... So I am just packing it in and loving it.... I do get tired... but hey..... getting tired means that I am just finding too many fun things to pack into the life.

Hope all of you are doing well.... and with time you will sleight the ugly beast and get going on a fun wild ride called life....

Take Care All.... God Bless...



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    Susan, your enthusiasm and love of life are very apparent. I'm so happy for you and for your family. Everytime you dance, dance like no one is wathcing and let yourself go. I'm just starting my journey but you've reinenforced what my doctor has said, there is life after cancer. Happy Thankgiving. Hugs, Marilynn
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    Happy Thanksgiving right back at cha, Susan!!! I have always said I am NEVER dying of cancer, no matter what any "official" document may say. I am dying of fun, laughter, and its resultant exhaustion~ after a night of dancing at the young age of 99! Sounds like you are subscribing to the same line of thought! Good for you! Good for us! And this sisterhood is more than welcome to kick up their heels with us!
    Whoooo---Hoooo! Life Before, During, and After cancer, indeed!
  • babs49242
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all my loverly sisters in here!! Life is good and God is good EVERYDAY for letting us have another to enjoy His world in whatever matter we choose to. I like the dancing,Susan! I got a DVD with India's a good work out! (teehee and bit seductive for the hubby!!)
    Enjoy your families and friends! warm hugssssssss
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    Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to you all, we have had ours in Canada back in October....
    Susan your inspire us to carry is for living and living we shall do. Whenever I get into one of 'those moods' I remember I am not alone in this, I have my Lord with and in me and all the sisters here. We shall hold each other up and live life to it's fullest. We just got a taste of what life is about before some others by having the 'dx of ca' and can help others live their lives more lets keep laughing and living LIFE!
    God bless you all, may your Thanksgiving be a time for giving thanks and counting blessings.
  • LindaR48
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    Life is good--- You enjoy dancing and I enjoy traveling. As of Last Friday, I'm on the Road Again. All my family is together for Thanksgiving. How much better can it get! HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY!