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I wanted to take time to say THANKS to my family here and wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving and happy over eating :):)


  • KathiM
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    I raise my glass, as well....turkey has a magic stuff in it that makes me feel yummy....and a glass of wine doesn't hurt, either...(now WHERE was that Coyote Ugly Saloon?).

    Happy Turkey day to all, and to all a (oh, WAIT, that's the NEXT big holiday!).

    Hugs, kathi
  • vinny3
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    Yes, thanks to all for the support and input. Thanks to our God (no matter what our religion) for the continued ability to enjoy the day.


    PS- Nudgie, what is the answer to the riddle?
  • pink05
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    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Nudgie, and everyone else on this site!!! I always give thanks to God for all of you and for everything he has blessed me with.

  • Monicaemilia
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    I want to wish a very happy Thanksgiving to my American family. Enjoy and rejoice. Monica
  • kmygil
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    Right back at you!!! I am VERY thankful for my NED status, and VERY thankful to my family here for helping me get this way! Have a beautiful Thanksgiving Everyone!
  • goldfinch
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    Yes, thank you to my family here, my wonderful family at home, and my spiritual guide. You guys rock!