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37 and iam looking to see if there is young people out there in washington to talk to that is in the same boat that iam in.had breast cancer@ 34 and @ 37 brain,lung and every time I go for treatment Im the youngest in the room. THAT SUCKS single and young.


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    Dear trouble,
    I'm 43 and in TX. but have you tried to contact your local American Cancer Society, or you might ask the hospital or cancer center you go to if they have a support group or if they know of a resource for younger patients.
    Sorry I cannot be more helpful. seof.
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    I am very glad you found this site to post your questions and lay your feelings. I was 36 at the time of my stage 3 breast cancer with 11 out of 21 positive nodes and found myself at that time to be a very young patient. By the end of my treatment phase I had begun to see younger women in their early twenties. I am now an almost 11 year survivor who is well aware of my risks for other cancers. I am sorry you have had to go through so much already only to face more.
    I am in Vancouver BC sorry not the Washington side of things and was very fortunate to have moved at the time of my diagnosis to a successful cancer centre. I would venture to say why I am still alive and doing better than I think I have ever done. I look back and can see that I had been sick for a very long time but wouldn't have known this if I hadn't gotten the quality back into my life.
    It isn't easy getting up in the morning and facing ourselve's in he mirror each and every day knowing the cards we have been delt.
    I wished I had found this site when I was going through it all instead of years after. Whatever the case I found you all and have found another way to see things something I might not have done without that thing called cancer.
    If ever you need someone to talk to I am just an e-mail away. My thoughts are with you and I will keep you close to heart.
    Be good to yourself always and FIRST!