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I have a question... does cancer ALWAYS come back? my oncologist said that there is always that possibility that i could get NHL again OR even a different type of cancer... is there anyone out there that is a totally cancer-free survivor?!?!?!?!?!

just curious!



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    From a remission person dec 31st 2006 to say it is clear maybe will not happen for a while I just asked my Dr about when cure might happen he said in 6-10yr range so keep your positve juices going and wait patiently still enjoy the things you did before the issue of cancer came up. llcoolman
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    Hi. I'm a six year survivor of NSCLC, and I am currently in remission of NHL. That sounds exactly like what you don't want to hear, but please don't get discouraged.
    I am cancer free, as far as the lung cancer goes.
    The NHL was diagnosed through my final, five-year CT scan for lung cancer. Yes, it was a kick in the butt, however, my oncologist tells me that it is just coincidence. There is no relationship between the two.
    Your oncologist said that there is a possibility of recurrence of NHL or of a different cancer because he simply can never say "never". Doctors are very lawsuit-conscious, and generally, will never make a promise of no disease.
    I would, however, ask your oncologist if your NHL is curable. Generally, it is my understanding that NHL is not curable, but it is treatable. I was told that my low-grade NHL could return iin the future, and that patients are experiencing up to ten-year remissions.
    It is encouraging that llcoolman's doctor is looking forward to a cure in the six to ten year range.
    We, as cancer patients and/or survivors have a certain paranoia about recurrence. It's only natural. My best advice is to try to live a normal life, and try not to worry about tomorrow. It is said that he who worries about tomorrow loses today. I believe that, - in spite of a couple of bad breaks that I've had.
    Best wishes.
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    That's a good question..the thing about lymphoma (or at least in my dad's case) is that it goes into remission; so he's healthy, but it's still there. There is really no way of telling when (or if ever) it will come back.
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    I have been free of cancer since 1995. I have had complications from all the treatment (throid, hearing loss and skin tags) but so far so good. My oncologist said that cancer may never come back. Secondary conditions are what we should look out for.
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    that is a good question. and yes, i am cancer free. almost 3 years now. but let me tell you- i am VERY proactive about my health now. I've adopted a whole foods, plant based diet. I juice (with a juicer) I take fish oil, a probiotic, and a fast dissolving multi-v. I drink coconut water regularly (it is used even today in some countries as a blood transfusion because it is 50% identical to human blood). I have started getting regular adjustments from a wellness chiropractor (keeping the nervous system working efficiently is KEY to whole health), I drink tons of purified water. (STAY HYDRATED! drink 1/3 of your body wight in oz. daily! so I owe my life to God who spared me,but I also now know he's given us way more tools than conventional medicine wants us to know about and they are simple, practical changes. 2 sites for you to look at (coconut water) and
    I hope that is helpful :)