Yearly with my colon guy....

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Well, my insurance must think I'm cured...I had to self-pay my yearly with my rad/onc who is following my colorectal

He is Mr. Wonderful. He got so excited that he could still 'feel' my staples from my reenstamosis...ask if I do self exams...told him that's what HE was for, as well as supplying me with eye candy...ROFL!

HE examined the breast 'lump' and said..."feels like fat to me, I'm not worried, but I can see you are, so I am ordering an MRI to rule out anything". WHAT a guy!!!!

Then we sat and talked about how cancer changes lives...and he said it well..."You are making memories during your fight...not just yours, but the people around you are going to remember how you were during the fight. It is important for everyone that you stay as upbeat as possible, but also show when you need support.". I told him about the semi-colons here...and how amazing they (you guys) are....

Hugs, Kathi


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    Ain't(southern word for isn't)it great to have a good looking doctor. My surgeon was but my onc ain't all that great looking but he has a sweet personality. Health insurance is one of my pet peeeves, don't understand how the richest country in the world cannot insure their residents, I dont mean for free but at least offer affordable insurance to everyone. My insurance has questioned about everything done and I have had to argue with them but so far they have come through. I love what the dr said to you, I have often thought the same thing, especially when I am whining (oops my family is going to remember all that!) Oh well they will still love me. I am heading in to my last treatment and more nervous than ever...go figure that? Anyway I am glad for your good news and am sure your MRI will show nothing.

    Prayers to you, Robin
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    Good news and hopefully your MRI will be okay too. You have been through a lot. Have a Happy Thanksgiving..I'll be thinking about you. Audrey
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    Congrats on another milestone. I hope that i wont have to start paying for doc visits.

    I agree this is a great group. I remember posting when I was in the hospital and getting encouragemant from everyone.

    Have a great thanksgiving.