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I e-mail a cancer survivor today tru a friend of mine that knew him. He had testicular cancer stage IV ( mets to kidney) and is in remission right not know the whole story but he was given a few months to live a while ago....He is also from Puerto Rico..he mentioned that he went tru a MEGADOSIS of Vit C done by some Doctors/oncologist/investigators or whatever they are call etc etc worked. I am suppose to call him on the 19th. ( he is out of P.R right now ) and he is going to give me all the info. I see myself in Puerto Rico in 2 weeks !!! Of course I will let you know all the details on the 19TH.
God bless you all...


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    Lots of luck to you.
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    Good Luck! Please post and let us know how it goes.
    Take care,
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    I am glad to hear of your uncominng plan,I have heard too about the vit c,I think here on this board,the other day too I was reading about a Dr. by the name Johana Budwig and her diet of cottage cheese mix with flaxseed oil that according to her is a cure for cancer she has written a book about that so I don't know if is true or a tool to sell her book,you might want to Google her name and find out yourself.Sending you lots of hugs,and I'll continue praying for you.
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    In case you haven't run across it, you'll probably be interested in the Vitamin C Foundation's claims that vitamin C cures most everything, a book on how it cures cancer, and a related forum. Here is a link:

    It is quackery, in my opinion, but still interesting.