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Hi guys,
I just wanted to let you know there is a post under "Rare cancers" that has gone unanswered. Could you all please take a look at it and see if you know anything about this form of cancer, or if you know anyone else who has had it? I always feel bad for people who post and do not get any response. It must be awful to feel like you are the only one. Especially, since we have had one of the most common types of cancer.
Well, anyway, take a look and see if you can help..


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    You're a good soul, Susan!!

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    You might e-mail CSNDana with this when it happens, there are usually people 'assigned' to many of the smaller groups...maybe this one needs someone, too...

    Thanks for checking....I currently stay VERY active on 3, 'lurk' in 2 others...but my internet has been flaky, so I'm lucky to get to this board without being booted...

    Sigh, Verizon told me they should have never sold me DSL...too far away....cable coming out today...THEN, armed with the info, will make demand that Verizon reimburse for the last 1.5 years of

    Hugs, Kathi