breast pain before biopsy

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I was just diagnosed with a tumor in my left breast less than a week ago. The night before my mammogram I thought I had a bruise on my left breast. I did feel an almond shaped lump but there was no bruise. I had my ultrasound which indicated a neoplasm with characteristics consistent with malignancy. Since then, I have had a burning, pinching pain in that breast. Is my mind playing tricks or can there be pain before biopsy? If so, what does this mean? Now I'm really scared. If anyone has had a similar experience or can shed some light on this, I would be most grateful. Thanks. Marilynn


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    I have not experienced pain with my cancer, before or after diagnosis, but I believe it can cause pain in some people. This site is a good place to come for information, but your Doctor is the first place to go. I am assuming that you have a Doctor to go to to follow up on the Mammogram, since you mention biopsy. I would take a list of questions, including questions about the pain you are experiencing...time of onset, severity, location, description of the sensation...I got a book from the American Cancer Society online bookstore called "my cancer journey" which has provided me with good information. I cannot remember what it says about pain before treatment.

    I hope you get the answers you need. best wishes, seof
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    My experience with bc did not include any pain. I had found a lump about the size of a green pea, and it also bruised, and even turned yellow around the area. I have been told that cancer has no pain, until it is advanced for some parts of the body, that is why it isn't diagnosed until it has gotten to be a problem for some cases. My ultrasound showed a good sized lump, but I never had any pain with it. I am sure it depends on where it is located, and the muscles around it when we move our arms/shoulders, etc. Cancer is so different for everyone, no two women experience the same thing, and you should depend on your Dr's opinion first. This site is wonderful to come to for advise from those who have lived it, and can help you with so many questions. Sorry you had to join us, but together we can help you win this battle. Take care.
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