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The tumor board met this morning and my onc. presented my case. She just called and said the tumor board recommended seeing a radiologist and doing radiation as a first step. They also suggested conferring with a surgeon to see if surgery was an option. If neither of these steps work then I should try tomaxifon. Have any of you out there had radiation and if so what side effects did you have and did it help? Have any of you used tomaxifan and if so did it help? The board also said I cannot be cured. However my onc said my tumors are slow growing and there are things to do to maintain them and not to give up. If none of the other thing work out she said there is always more chemo. Are any of you been/or on maintenance? What steps are you doing and how long have you been doing maintenance?

I would appreciate any help or advice you can give me.



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    I am just starting 12 months of maintenance of a lower dose of taxol every 4 weeks. I am Stage IV and my gyn/onc said that there are few studies but it might buy me 10 months of remission or more. My CT was clear but we know the cells are probably there so I chose to do the maintenance. Starts the 26th.
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    Dear Eleen, I have been on chemo for almost 5 years. Sometimes a person gets tired of it and wants to stop, but overall it is okay. I am currently on Carbo and have just switched to getting it every 6 weeks and seeing if the cancer will remain stable. If it doesn't I'll go back to 3-4 weeks chemo treatment.

    I have gone through lots of different treatments, some have worked and some have allowed the cancer to grow.

    It is managable and I do a few women that have had rads when the cancer is in a place that is treatable that way.

    Sounds like you have a great team working with you and that makes a world of difference. Sending lots of prayers your way.

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    I can't offer any exp about radiation but I hear is will cause fatique, and sometimes loose stools, and many women do maintain with Tamoxifen as well. My cancer is like yous it is slow growing and chemo seems to work for me. I was told after my second look surgery and colostomy reversal that cure was off the table for me as well,so I treat like Bonnie does, and when I show a recurrence we start chemo again, beat it down and then give me a break,until it rears it ugly head again!!! Hang in there,there are lots of treatments out there,and one can learn to live with cancer and chemo!!! ((((hugz)))..Joanne