Thoughts on Xeloda

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Hi there, I was diagnoised with breast cancer in March, I've been through 6 cycles of Chemo, a double mastectomy, and 7 weeks of radiation. I have two more days of radiation left but then they are thinking of putting me on Xeloda just to make sure. Its more my husbands pushing just to make sure we've gotten everything. I was wondering if anyone else has taken it and if the side effects are as bad as I've heard? Thanks for your time!


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    I really believe in 2nd (3rd and 4th) opinions. Sometimes I feel as though I've spoken with half the oncologists east of the Mississippi. My doctors are really okay with it and we changed my treatment schedule based on one them.
    I wanted more chemo when I finished and my oncologist said he would consider it. Then I talked to some other docs and learned about Aromatase Inhibitors and that for me, more chemo wasn't necessarily better. All doctors have their own approach and asking a lot of questions of more than one doctor will help you in making your decision and help your husband understand your decision.

    My best to you.
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    Congrats on the progress!!!

    I was on 5FU....Xeloda metabolizes to this in the cells...for my colon cancer. Interestingly, when trying to 'find' the breast cancer after the colon treatment, it was so 'sickened' by the 5FU...

    Xeloda can be hard on your digestive system. This must be something new...I, like 3Cbrca, was put on 5 years of post-treatment course with estrogen blockers...I was stage IIB (sentinel node) 'normal' breast cancer. If you were IBC, this could explain the Xeloda. I agree with a 2nd opinion.

    Hugs, Kathi
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    I've been on Xeloda for a while now. The side effects I've had are in the hands - dryness, cracking, etc. I use Bagbalm and slather it on at nite; try and find white cotton gloves to it doesn't get all over the place - lol; and the same with my feet. I can tell you it will get worse before it gets better, but use a good lotion, one without alcohol in it. The usual suspects are always there - constipation, fatigue, etc. I found if I took a nap for at least a half hour during the day it wasn't so bad. I'm on 6 pills, twice a day for 2 weeks then a week off. Just as you think it's getting easier to deal with the stuff, back it comes - lol. Hope this helps!
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    On Xeloda because cancer spread to liver. Was able to reduce dose for fewer side effects. Using True Blue Spa cream with shea butter for hands and feet. Get at Bath & Body Works. Put on morning & night and in between. Few side effects for me.