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Hi All,

You gave me much food for thought. It really didn't occur to me that some people would rather not participate in a neighborhood support group! How dumb is that? I guess I just thought everyone would like support from someone close by who knew what they were dealing with. Caregivers like my husband also need to have someone to talk to, although he has a hard time speaking about it. But I think I will do the flyer; if someone doesn't want to participate he or she doesn't need to respond.

Thanks for all your input. Your ideas and thoughts are always invaluable to me!



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    Well, I think that the people in your neighborhood will at least appreciate the fact that it (the support group) is there, because some of us have felt a certain way at times (like not wanting anyone to know) and differently at other times. So when they feel like reaching out, they can. I still think it's a great idea, and for the caregivers too..excellent idea.
    I hope you get a good response!
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    Cancer is always a volative subject. Some people are afraid that if they acknowledge it's existance, that then they become vulnerable. It's wierd. Many people I talk to, when I say "I'm a double cancer survivor", their immediate response is to flinch.

    Lives are changed forever by the beast. I lost 2 friends (they just never call...) as a result of my 2 fights...I think they were afraid that one time, when they would call, someone else would answer and tell them I had passed. I just let them go, and realized that maybe, sometime in the future, we would meet again.

    Have your hubby come here, too. Many of us (me, too) are both cancer survivors and caregivers. We can help. Or, ask HIM to list the questions, and YOU post them....if he feels funny about it.

    Hugs, kathi