I am scheduled for surgery Nov.15

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I will be having a mastectomy on Thursday. How long do you think it will be for me to feel like going to work? I have an easy job in a theme park, standing, no lifting. Mostly directing people. I don't want to just sit around waiting to get better. Dr. said I will have a drain. what is that like? Thanks, Arlene


  • jackiemanz
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    Hey Arlene,

    I had a bilateral in March and my drains were in for a week and I was out of work for 5 weeks but I had a hematoma which put me behind on the healing process. If it wasn't for that I probably would have come back to work within 3 weeks.

    Good luck and best wishes.
  • ladybluepgh
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    hi Arlene,
    I had a mastectomy in Sept, back to work in 4 weeks...I came home with 2 drain tubes..they stayed in for one week...then mostly it was getting my arm to lift with exercises...I made a quick recovery and I'm sure you will too...take care
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    I had a mastectomy(r only) Nov 2. I didn't have any more nodes removed. There was very little pain. I have been up and moving all week. I have noticed I get tired if I'm too active. The drain was removed Tuesday. As far as returning to work I would let my body determine that. Remember you just had major surgery that will affect you both physically and emotionally. Give yourself some time to adjust and recover. I pray all goes well on Thursday.
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    I have two drains. They are more bulky than I imagined, but very easy to empty, measure, etc. You will get them out after about a week. I was up within hours after surgery. I am 64 years old and plan on taking at least 6 weeks off work. I do have a physical job, but they will make it easier for me. Probably a stool to sit on while running the register. I will be doing chemo, so I may need that. This has been a breeze so far, but I can tell that I had major surgery because I get tired and have to rest often. Baby yourself for a while. You deserve it!
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    I only had a lumpectomy, but had drains because my sentinel nodes, plus the next set, were also removed (darn that beast!). You will get tired easy...I took a nap in the afternoon...(nah, not old...just fatigued...lol) for the first few weeks, and then back to 'normal'. Drains came out within a week.

    Please keep us posted, I am adding you to my prayer list...

    Hugs, Kathi
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    I am scheduled for double mastectomy Dec. 21. They have told me to allow for 6 weeks off work, but I may feel up to going back sooner. Since they have to get a temporary replacement for me, I expect I will take the full 6 weeks (they have need specific dates). However, I plan on being as busy as my feelings and Dr. permission will let me, even if it means doing some of those jobs I've been putting off till I get a round tuit. I'd say let your body and your Dr. tell you when it's time to go back, if your boss is flexible.

    best wishes, seof
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    I had a mastectomy in March and was out of work for 2 weeks. I work as a court clerk, so it wasn't too physically demanding. My drain was also out after about a week. You can either pin your drain to your clothes or get a wonderful cami from Amoena (sold at Nordstrom's or online) that has removable pouches for the drains and comes with a soft prosthesis to be worn now and balance out your silhouette. You will get tired - the naps are a necessity. Give yourself time and don't push it. You'll thank yourself in the end.