Topotecan 2nd line chem -refractory

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Anyone familiar or have experience with Topotecan for 2nd line of chemo - Had 2 rounds of Carboplatin and Etoposide after scans - pet showed no improvement, plus cancer had spread more. My stepfather has extensive small cell lung cancer - liver, bones and lung....
Thanks for all responses.


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    My mother also has extensive SCLC. She had 6 rounds of Carboplatin and Etoposide. Her cancer went away but returned in less than 3 months. She is currently receiving Topotecan. The main side effects she is having is fatigue and low blood counts. Please don't let this affect your mother's cancer is resitant to this therapy as well. At first, this treatment kept her cancer stable. Now, she is being tested for possible mets to her chest wall. We really have no idea at this point what is happening.

    However, my mother has tolerated the Topotecan pretty well. The nausea was minimal. She is just very tired most of the time.

    I pray that your stepfather responds well. If you ever have any questions and wish to speak with an oncologist, there is an amazing site called The doctor's name is Dr. West. Just post any question and he responds pretty fast. He is a wonderful man.

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