Depression Medication w/IP Chemo

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I was diagnosed in July 07 with Stage IIC ovarian cancer. Am currently undergoing IV/IP Chemo and have been experiencing severe depression from the diagnosis along with it. Have been prescribed Lexapro, Zoloft, Paxil and the latest Wellbutrin, but they all seem to make me nauseated even when I'm not nauseated from the chemo. I'm pretty sure the IP chemo has something to do with it, but has anyone had any similar problem and had
any luck with a depression medication that doesn't add to the nausea? Thanks in advance for any help.


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    mag I sent you an email...the members said you were seeking help. I didn't take anti depressants during chemo, didn't feel I needed them. Cancer is depressing and this would be a normal response. I have taken one since and it has been fairly good for me....the new Cymbalta...finding a 'new normal' and the problems cancer brings became hard for me so I conceeded to take it for a while. Please feel free to contact me. I do not come to the Discussion Boards much so find my web page Teri50 (its case sensative) and I will be most happy to see if I can be of some help. Much love and many prayers...Terrie
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    This disease doesn't just strike our bodies, but our spirits, too. Staying strong can be difficult. But I hope you have family and friend support. And know that you have tons of support here, too. And I don't want to be presumptuous, but may I say that my faith has been the greatest cornerstone to my healing and recovery, along with my family and friends. There is no shame if you need to take medication to help you cope. I just hope they find the right one for you. Your outlook and attitude mean a lot in dealing with this.

    Please visit us with your concerns and needs. The women (and men) here are supportive, loving and very helpful. We don't need to go through this alone.

    Luv, hugs & prayers,
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    My wife had similar struggles recently with anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications. I know she did not get along with Lorazepam. From what the psychiatrist told us, it is a very individual response to these medications. Our humble experience would tell you to find a person licensed to handle this issue specifically, such as a trusted psychiatrist. We got ours through mild trial and error through Living Well Cancer Center, a volunteer-run organization near our home. The American Cancer Society might be able to link you to some local resource or perhaps even have a list of psychiatrists and pscyhologists for you to access. Most of all, the symptoms you are feeling are real. I'm struggling with anxiety from all the stress as caregiver, but the patient has a lot more going on than the bystanders. Prayer and counseling has been important to us too. The psychologist we've both met with is a cancer patient in long remission. So she understands. We'll all put in a prayer and hope that you can find the right medicine and the right support system. God Bless.
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    Dear 4umag,

    It is very common to need anti-depressants after all you've been through. I pray they find the right medication for you, that doesnt' make you nauseated. How many more treatments do you have? Are you in a support group or have anyone that can talk to? I know having a place to share really helps, and hearing from others helps us realize how many people are feeling a lot of the same things.

    I know you will find lots of support here, the people here are awesome. What state are you from as lots of them have Ovarian Cancer groups that connect you with someone to talk to. Just a few ideas. You can also email any of us here if that would help.

    Sending lots of prayers your way. Know you are not alone. Hugs n Prayers BonnieRose