platelet count is that bad?

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I have treatment scheduled for tomorrow and did my labs this morning. My platelet count was 80 and I wondered if this is too low to do treatment? I know the nurse will call me later today about my labs, but just wondered if anyone else had a low platelet count and what the repercussions were?


  • Starleen
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    It isn't that bad. My count is at about 50 right now. It will rise and fall throughout your treatment. You'll get bruises, maybe bloody noses, but it's not too bad. The doctor may back off of treatment until they get over 100, maybe lower the dose. If your platelet gets to 10, that's bad.
  • crg123
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    Perfectly normal during treatment. If they get less than 30, they can always transfuse JUST platelets. Keep the inside of your nose moist (ie: vaseline) to prevent the bloody noses.
  • KierstenRx
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    That is not bad. My counts fell into the 60's during treatment. I tended to bruise easily. Also would get bloody noses quite easily. Especially with winter weather coming, I would make sure that your nose doesn't dry out (saline gel or vaseline)

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    I agree...not bad at all. My Dr. said that under 50 was not good. When my platelet count would not come back up is when I stopped treatment. That seems to be the key...if it recovers. I never got any help with that and after 16 treatments I guess I had enough chemo anyway. I went for quite a few months with the low count. I "ditto" the nose advice also. I had some really good bloody noses. What worked for me to get them stopped was to blow out the big clots, but that was just the opposite of what I was told to do which was to pinch the bridge of the nose and hold my head back. I used to blow and blow, by holding a nostril closed, and then this ugly big ol' thing would come out and it would stop. Just my experience.