If I were a Teletubby....

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So I hope this isn't out of line....

I had my second colectomy a little over a week ago. After a CEA raising freak-out, I appear to be NED again (hurray!!) with the removal of a 4 cm recurrent mass in my colon - right were the first one was removed. Anyway, I am sure most of you can relate to the recovery from that surgery. I have a large incision healing that goes above and below my belly button. It is draining a bit so we need to change the dressing a couple of times a day. Also, I am taking Vicodin to manage the pain and that makes me snooze a lot.

So sitting here on the couch, I got to thinking: If I were a Teletubby, who would I be?

Seepy Sleepy

Which begs the question: If YOU were a Teletubby, who would you be?



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    LOL Eben. Congrats on the NED. Best wishes on a quick and smooth recovery .

    God Bless,