Oct. Breast Month

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Every Oct. I wear pink a lot and since I work in a MIddle School, the students are curious as to why I wear pink. This year, several of my 8th grade girls supported me by wearing pink to school on a Fri. It was a "Pink Day" in our town and people were asked to wear pink on that Fri. in support and rememberance of those who were survivors and in memory of those who passed on. It was heartwarming to know that my students cared so much and many have shared stories about their moms, grandmas, aunts, etc. who have battled breast cancer. Besides the Relay Walks, this is something that would be great to start in other towns across the country and have a "pink day."


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    Great idea betty! And how special that your students did that for you :-)

    Locally we have purple everywhere the month of May for Relay for Life. It really gets the community talking about it and involved.

    Pink Pink! You go!!
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    Pink is all over, all the month of October where I live. I participated in a breast-cancer survivor only fashion show....told them that I would wear ANYTHING as long as it was NOT pink!!!! (I look terrible in it...sigh...had to be the signature color for one of my cancers...lol!).

    I have so much pink stuff, I box it up and send it to a newly dx'd survivor...rofl....

    You guys that look beautiful in pink,.....I am so envious!

    Hugs, Kathi
    (Understand, this is all 'said' with laughter....I, too, am inspired when I walk the Komen race...they give us each a strand of beads for each year of survival. I wore 2 this year...there were women AND men with 25-30 strands...WHAT inspirations!!!
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    How funny, Bettylou! I am REALLY happy your students got involved~ that is awesome. Little kids readily jump on band-wagons; the 8th graders are often self indulgent. So kudos to you for being a role model and inspiration to the girls!
    I ( along with KathiM) laughed at the whole pink thing~ scroll a few subjects back and see the response I got to the entire subject of PINK!
    My b/f is man enough to wear pink, btw. He wears a White golf shirt on the links with "Tough Enough To Wear Pink"~ the word Pink is spelled with a pink ribbon design being the letter P....and also Pink-Empowered is on the the back of the shirt. Pink ribbon logo golf-ball marker and hat decorations are not out of the question for him either.
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    Your students wearing pink with you is just the sweetest thing! Hope you got lots of pics for future years, when you want to recall this occasions...it's special!

    However, I'm not a fan of pink and I'm cracking up with all the "pink" stories here! Particularly the story of Claudia's boyfriend with his pink golfing accoutrements!!! I can just see it now. LOL BTW, Claudia, he sounds quite a catch!

    Like some of you, I keep very little of the pink goodies we survivor's often get. KathiM, you're not the only one who doesn't wear pink well! I've even been the recepient of a pink frog! I know, it's all given us in the spirit of support and thoughtfulness and the gesture, I so dearly appreciate. However, no sooner have I thanked whomever gave me another pink gift, than I relegate it to a perpetually full bag of pink do-dads, gizmo's, attire and fluffies! Everything remains in its original packaging and I drop the bag off at the center where I had treatment, each September. The Nurses love it and they display some of the items during October and give others to patients currently undergoing BC treatment. That seems appropriate to me.

    One day, I'm confident (???), the pink gifts will subside, but until then, I'll just keep sharing.

    To all you pink lovers out there, more power to you...continue your pink displays of support and encouragement where ever you see fit because that's what it's all about!

    Love, light & laughter,
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    BTW, the posting and replies about pink is dated about 10/07/2007~ under the heading" Too Much Pink"? You might get a kick out of it Bettylou, and we look forward to you too having had enough pink!