1 mo. after surgery

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hi was sent to for a bio july 25 after psa was creeping up and hit 3 dr. could not feel anything,bio taken 12 samples,left side 20% pc had spoken with a surgeon told him i was thinking davinci.he did not do davinci and ref. me to another surgeon ,just so you know i was at john hopkins hosp balt,made an app.and spoke with one of the surgeons that did the davinci,it was scheduled and i reported at 530am and by 7pm was walking the hall very little pain released next day at noon,bigest problem was getting used to catheter which i had for 8 days again very little pain all week.they removed the cath. and i expected the worst.but i only used 3 pads first 2 days ,then 1 during the day and 1 at night only time needed when i get out of a chair everything is going very well 1st psa first week jan. bio all neg margins, all contained, ves and nodes clear now we WAIT im 52 and looking for alot of years hopkins was great THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AFTER I FIRST POSTED


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    A giant CONGRATULATIONS to you!!! It sounds like you are moving ahead in fine fashion. Keep us in the loop regarding your progress.

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    Congradulations.....you made the right decision to go with surgery at your age. Johns Hopkins....great hospital.

    Keep us posted.

    I just got the results of my 9 month PSA (after surgery) and it is still less than .05.

    Take care.