Mammo done, Ultrasound...waiting...

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Thank you all for your support! After 2 hours of waiting in a FREEZING room....and having my favorite appendages squished every which way, there was an ultrasound done, and now we wait for the results. My scan place has gone digital, so I could see the scans immediately, but, what do I know???

I'll keep you all posted, but I DO feel MUCH better knowing you are thinking of me.

Hugs, kathi


  • Skybuf
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    We are here for you Kathi, in thought AND prayers for good results. I know all too well the 'waiting' that goes with this dx....keep a good outlookout and have a great weekend, keep busy and up and let us know how things go.
    love ya
  • 3cbrca
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    I hope you get the results soon - I know how terrible the waiting is - hi-anxiety mode! I sure hope you get the results today instead of having to wait over the weekend. Hang in there. she
  • cabbott
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    You're definately in my prayers. Good luck too!

  • phoenixrising
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    I always try and get info from the tech. But you can't always count on it being correct anyway.
    But when I had the mammogram for my tumor I knew right away by the attitude change in the tech.
    Hope we hear soon.
  • newboobs
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    Prayers Miss Kath!! Go out this weekend and do something fun! Which I know firsthand that you are an EXPERT at :-)

    Keep us posted!! HUGS
  • toninasky
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    I sent a private note, but want to add my thoughts and prayers along with everyone for you. Blessings Kathi, you truly deserve so much good in your life.
  • chenheart
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    Dang Kathi~ I have been out of computer land for a bit; this was not the subject line I hoped to see upon my return. Your mammo was no doubt made more difficult by your incessant Naked Happy Dancing. Though this time, it was probably brought about by jumping up and down to stay warm in the freezing room!
    I second the well-wishes from the Sisterhood of The Traveling Mammos. I know you will let us know when you know. Don't forget to exhale, hon.
  • iammomof3
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    How are you doing? Even though you don't know me, I have been reading your posts over the last year now, so I kinda feel like I know the "Naked Happy Dance" woman. :)You are such an inspiration. I hope all is well and my thoughts and prayers are with you.