Any tricks to deal with neuropathy?

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Dear friends,

I had chemo #8 this week, and I was hit by several side effects big time. First I had an allergic reaction during the infusion. The nurse gave me 50 mg of benadryl and I slept like a baby. Then for the past 2 days my fingers are very sensitive to cold. When I am outside my eyelids and my nose are sensitive too. It's starting to get cold here in Chicago. I was wondering if any of you had tricks to help me deal with this....




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    I don't have tricks for the cold sensivity, but here is what I did. I live in WV. I would wear mittens or gloves when going into the frig, grocery shopping or stepping outside along with a scraf over my mouth and nose when going outside.

    I wore socks when the temp got cold and avoided outside temps as much as possible.

    The numbness and tingling I did not have bad, so I can't help with that.
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    I also had an allergic reaction during my 8th treatment of FOLFOX. I had to stop treatments after #9 because of the increasing neuropathy. Recent clinical trials are showing that 9 treatments are just as effacatious as 12, without the resulting side effects.
    I had the majority of my treatments during the bitter cold months this year (Detroit area). I would wear a warm coat with a hood, and wrap a scarf around my neck and face. Always wear gloves. (Don't forget these when visiting the refrigerated or freezer section of the grocery store, or at home.) I have a remote start on my car, and would pre-warm my car on cold days. I got a handicapped parking pass, or would park valet on bitter cold days. My chemo nurses also suggested Vitamin B-6, 50-100mg/day. Do what you have to do to stay warm!
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    I live in Upstate New York and went through the FOLFOX during the winter. Wore gloves to get in and out of the refrigerator. Covered up completely to get in the preheated car with heated seats. Not much more you can do.

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    I had a reaction on my 8th treatment also and they stopped the oxy chemo. I finished with 5fu for the rest. I live in Western NY just outside of Buffalo so I know how you feel with the cold weather. Wear mitten and scarves and just think you are almost done it will be over before you know it hang in there.

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    I found that wearing a pair of golf gloves worked very well in the house, like getting things out of the refrigerator. Not as clumsy feeling as regular gloves. I'm in Minnesota and did chemo into November. When I went out I wore a stocking hat and sometimes would put a scarf around my neck and face. Sometimes wore long underwear. I did take Vit B6 100 mg 3 times a day and still take it twice a day (neuropathy got worse when I stopped it). Stopped treatment though after the 9th cycle as I felt the effects of the neuropathy would be worse, after that point, than the risk of recurrance. My oncologist also indicated that some centers were just doing 9 cycles. Oh yes, breathe through your nose as it heats the air up before getting into your lungs.

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    Gloves and socks. Hat. Scarf.

    Tell the nurse to SLOW DOWN!!!!

    Ask for a hydration first, and last after chemo (regular bag of saline). I found this helped alot. Also (here it water, water, water....helps flush the chemo out of your system....

    Hugs, kathi