Nuts! New lump in 'good' breast!

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Well, found a lump in the non-cancer breast....having an 'ememgency' mammo tomorrow...I will keep you posted....keep your fingers crossed (3rd time is the charm????)

Hugs, Kathi


  • Faith4Cure
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    Bummer!!! I hate it that you have to go through this worry now, but I am thinking good thoughts and sending positive vibes your way. Keep us updated.

  • taraHK
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    Yipes! But, it's GREAT that you were able to schedule the emergency mammo so soon. All my fingers and toes crossed for good news. Sending prayers and best wishes, and thinking benign thoughts.
    Love, Tara
  • vinny3
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    Kathi, hate to have you have this worry again. Will pray it being nothing. Even if the mammogram is negative you may want to have that lump biopsed/removed.

  • alta29
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    shoot !Praying that is benign....God bless you
  • MoonDragon
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    Wishing you the absolute best! Blessings and hugs!
  • valeriec
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    Have everything crossed-including my eyes!! Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers your way.
    God bless-
  • foxy
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    Major good vibes and prayers Kathi.

    Hugs Virginia.
  • robinvan
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    You're in my thoughts and prayers Kathi. May God's love and grace continue to uphold you.
    Peace and blessings...
  • betina61
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    Hi Kathi,good that you are taking action fast,but I have faith that is going to be fine, you have gone through so much already, I will praying for you.
  • rmap59
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    Noooo Way! Praying that its nothing.

  • kerry
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    Many hugs and prayers coming your way!

  • Limey
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    payring for an unremarkable lump. Hang in there kathi.
  • mrsriderman
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    keep ypur head up!! we are all with you
    all good vibes and prayers your way
    lisa r
  • jerseysue
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    Good vibes coming your way!
  • sladich
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    I wish you the very best. You must be on an emotional roller coaster ride right now. Keep us posted. Sending prayers your way!

  • Monicaemilia
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    Aww Kathi!! I'll be praying that it is nothing but a benign cyst. Stay strong. Monica
  • chynabear
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    Aww Kathi!! I'll be praying that it is nothing but a benign cyst. Stay strong. Monica


    I am praying for you. I know we always tend to think *cancer* as soon as something comes up, and even more so for you going through two different cancers.

    Keep in mind a couple of things. There is always a great chance that it is something else, like a cyst. And KNOW that you have caught it very, very soon IF it is the ugly beast. We all know that your chances increas with how early you catch it.


  • claud1951
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    sending nothing but good vibes your way, Kathi!

  • davidsonxx
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    I hope that by now you have had your mammo and know it is nothing to worry about. I pray you don't have to fight the beast a third time.