erbituk ?

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or what ever is called.....Has it worked for you ? tumors gone , shrinkage ?What cocktail are u taking with it ? What is the Mary K cream that some of u suggested ?
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    My husband has been on erbitux and irinotecan since 11/05. The erbitux is weekly and the irinotecan is biweekly. He has had some progression - but mainly when he was off 2 months for surgery from a small bowel blockage. It is keeping him stable and ( no one knows why) helps to control his pain.

    There is now documented research that says the worse the rash - the more effective the erbitux. My husbands rash was worse than any they have seen...initially, he was even hospitalized with it because he was running a high fever from the skin infection it caused. Veryyyyyyyy long story but, there were not any creams that helped him--we tried them all. He went through a study with a dermatologist and he has been on keflex (antibiotic) and soriatane( psoriasis med) for years now and they work for him. If you want more info-let me know. Keeping you in my prayers.
    Mary Kay
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    The Mary Kay cream you refer to is called Night cream emollient. It is rather greasy, but works great for the hand/foot syndrom that occurs with Xeloda, not Erbitux. I have been on Xeloda for quite some time and the Mary Kay Cream is excellent. Some people have used Aquaphor cream with their Erbitux rash. It can be purchased at any drug store in the baby supply section (for diaper rash).

    Good luck

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    hey there

    i am on my 11th week of the erbitux-- i get more drugs , but it is one of many. i receive it once a week. my tumors at my last c.t.scans showed 1/3 reduction. mostly the liver tumors were reducing-- the lung tumors alittle less reduction and my limp node tumor was just slightly reduced.

    i have the rash on my face , neck and going for the chest. it attacks wounds too. my skin is super dry. i buying a humidifier today to see if that helps( i live in iowa--dry skin) and gold medal non medicated helps alot too. i will try the mary kay though. hope this helps. prayers lisa r.

    my clinical trail is c80405 too look up the drugs -- but i was taking off the avastin due too a blood clot. i am arm c of the trail--as soon as my pnr is 2-3 i will get the avastin back.
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    Hi Alta: I am on Erbitux and Irinotecan. My lungs cleared and I was able to have my liver resection while on Erbitux. I also know of a gentleman who had 60% reduction and a woman who was successfully on Erbitux for three years. The rash differs from person to person. Mine was pretty bad at first, I had tiny little pimples all over my t-zone. I was a pretty scary sight. I used a version of acne cream from a dermatologist and it helped tremendously. As for the rash, I think using creams that have healing properties and moisturize at the same time are the best. Monica
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    Hi Alta, I got real bad burns on my hands from the 5FU combined with the sun. It looked pretty serious, and felt even worse. I rubbed coconut butter on it everyday, two or three times a day, and i noticed it was helping about a week into it. Now my hands have healed completely. I think coconut oil is the same thing.

    Hope this helps!

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